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Among its goals, the Linfield College 2012-2018 Strategic Plan seeks to support and extend Linfield’s commitment to environmental, social, and economic sustainability.  In January 2013, Linfield created a new Sustainability Coordinator position to guide this effort. The Sustainability Coordinator, housed in the President's Office, is a dynamic position: engaging students in a variety of projects, assisting faculty who seek to incorporate sustainability more fully in their courses, and working with our facilities personnel who strive to keep Linfield at the forefront of sustainable practices.

Meet the team!

Duncan Reid
Sustainability Coordinator
: Sustainability Office Director, Green Team Coordinator, Greenfield Advisor, ACES Co-Chair, Green Chair Advisor
Office hours: Tuesdays/Thursdays 11:00am-12:00pm and Wednesdays 2:00-4:00pm
What does sustainability mean to you? "Sustainability is a lens through which we can view the world. It is a lens that allows us to consider the wellbeing of the whole as necessary for the wellbeing of the individual. It tells us that caring about our community and the environment are necessary to have a thriving economy. Most of all, sustainability challenges us to align our life practices with life supporting systems for present and future generations. I have the privilege to serve Linfield and our community by representing the values of sustainability and encouraging their incorporation into all facets of life at the college. I also enjoy living walking distance from the campus in a collective living community focused on sustainable lifestyle practices and subsistence food production."

Katricia Stewart
Psychology and Music double major
Clubs/organizations: Greenfield President
Office Hours: Mondays/Wednesdays 2-4pm
What does sustainability mean to you? "Sustainability = lifestyle. To me, sustainability is not a question of whether or not to participate, but how I can continually be striving toward a more sustainability lifestyle - making it a normal part of my day-to-day. Sustainability means a livable Earth for future generations; it means a life with values that are perhaps different from our society's current focus, but values that are more advantageous for our well-being as individuals, as communities, and as a part of the natural world around us."

Marisa Specht
Environmental Science major and Biology minor
Clubs/organizations: Linfield Women's Soccer
Office Hours: Tuesdays/Thursdays 11:45am-12:45pm
What does sustainability mean to you? "To me, being sustainable means living in a way that values allocating our natural resources efficiently to maintain them for future generations in both quantity and quality. However, rather than leaving the environment alone and living as a separate entity from it, I believe it's important to find a happy medium in which we coexist and find a balance that replenishes the resources that we take out of it in an environmentally healthy way."

Alaire Hughey
Environmental Science major and Anthropology minor
Clubs/organizations: Greenfield, Green Chairs
Office hours: Mondays 3:00-4:30pm and Wednesdays 2:00-4:00pm
What does sustainability mean to you? "To me, sustainability means creating new systems and adapting old ones in order live well within our ecosystems for as long as possible. Sustainability entails not only a change in small actions (i.e. recycling scratch paper and using reusable water bottles), but a shift in mindset and values from high mass consumption to smaller, more local, and more holistically thoughtful economies and societies."

Nicole Lewis
Environmental Science major
Clubs/organizations: Garden Club, Greenfield
Office hours: Mondays/Wednesdays 3:00-4:00pm
What does sustainability mean to you? "To me, sustainability means being mindful of resources and personal impacts on not only that immediate moment, but also the near and distant future. It means creating and maintaining an environment in which the beauty of life can live on for generations."

Joe Stevick
Environmental Science major and Economics minor
Clubs/organizations: Linfield Men's Baseball, Sustainability Council, Resident Advisor for the HP apartments, Student Athletic Advisory Committee
Office hours: Thursdays 2:30-4:30
What does sustainability mean to you? "Sustainability to me means that my generation is leaving equal oppurtunity for the next generation; meaning that consumption need not be avoided entirely, as long as equal or greater opportunity is available for succeeding generations. In order for this to work, we, as a race, must the consume in an educated manner, as well as restore."


The Office of Sustainability began in the spring season of 2013 with the hiring of a brand new Sustainability Coordinator, Duncan Reid. With his trusty team of work-study students, the office helped create and implement sustainable projects, events, and ideas around the campus. The season started off with a Zero Waste Campaign that was a highlighted and recurring theme in many of the following projects, such as the Recycle Bin Pilot Program, which brought composting, recycling, and landfill receptacles to many major parts of the campus. Also a first for that spring was the beginning of the annual Earth Week tradition, which set aside a whole week's worth of events ranging from game shows to informational workshops. The goal of Earth Week is to spread awareness and information about the sustainable options available on campus in fun interactive ways. The Office of Sustainability has and continues to work alongside other clubs and organizations as well, such as Greenfield and the Advisory Committee on the Environment and Sustainability (ACES).