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Glossary of Terms

Account Clearing Deadline-The Linfield term for “I have made all arrangements in writing with the Student Accounts Office about how I will pay for my tuition, room, board, student fees, Greek organization fees, lab fees, and any other charges on my account.” If you have “Paid the Account”, you may get a student ID card or, current semester sticker, pick up housing keys, etc. 

Due Dates-Means clear your account by August 4th in the fall and February 2th in the spring.

LESA (Linfield Educational Service Agreement) is for financial responsibility for any and all charges placed on a student account. This form must be electronically signed each year.  If you are under 18, you must submit a hard copy version of the LESA your first year.

Net Cash Due and Revised Net Cash Due-These are the phrases used for the following math equation:

TOTAL CHARGES (Tuition, room, board, fees)

MINUS Net Financial Aid

EQUALS Net Cash Due

MINUS New financial aid or Adjustments Reducing the account statement (TMS, waiving insurance)

EQUALS Revised Net Cash Due


Net Financial Aid-If you receive financial aid, there will be an amount of aid that will apply toward the charges on your statement of account. We call it “net” financial aid because not all the aid on your award letter goes onto your account i.e. college work study.

Overdue Account-You could be charged a late account clearing fee, late fees and/or a 1% per month finance charge on the balance you have not paid.

Statement of Account-It’s your bill. The first account statement for each semester will include instructions and paperwork on making your student account payments and clearing your account. After this mailing we send a statement of account notification at the beginning of each month.  Any statement you receive after the account clearing date is due upon receipt. Individual statement of account information is also available to every student on the Linfield "WebAdvisor" at then “log in” tab. Email Link to get a WebAdvisor account:

TMS-Tuition Management Systems is an agency we contract with as an option for you to pay annual charges in monthly payments instead of once each semester. The typical TMS plan is for 6 months and covers a semester for tuition, room, board and fees. You can contact a TMS representative for more details at 1-800-722-4867 or visit their website at