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The Student Accounts Office monitors a students unpaid balance with direct input assistance cooperatively with the Office’s of Admission, Financial Aid, Finance and Administration, Registrar, and Student Affairs. A student must pay their account prior to each semester of enrollment.

A student account is considered in good account standing IF

A 1) The Statement of Account is paid in full by cash and/or check to include Tuition, Room (unless exempt in writing by the Student Affairs Office), Board (unless exempt in writing by the Student Affairs Office), ASLC fee, Health Insurance (unless the waiver has been processed on WebAdvisor), and any other fee, so the account balance is zero; AND,

A 2) A properly completed signed LESA (Linfield Educational Services Agreement) has been received electronically by the Student Accounts Office; AND,

B The High School Transcript (one time only at original admission to Linfield) or most complete College Transcript is on file with the Office of the Registrar; AND,

C The Office of Financial Aid must have received all documentation necessary to make your award complete for disbursement; AND,

D The “Student Insurance Waiver”, if applicable, must be properly completed online; AND

E A current Tuition Management Systems (TMS) ) monthly payment plan, if applicable, must be approved and documented at TMS; AND,

F Any Short Term Emergency Loan at the Office of Financial Aid that is due and payable must be paid in full; AND,

G The “Request for Tuition Remission” form for qualified students must have been properly completed, signed and received by the Office of Enrollment Services; AND

H The “Due Date” by which the above must be RECEIVED by the proper office at Linfield is August 4 for fall semester and February 2 for spring semester.

If a student account has been properly “paid” on or before the “Due Date”, the student will avoid the “Late Clearing Fee” of $100.00. The Late Clearing Fee will be strictly enforced on August 5 for fall semester and February 3 for spring semester.

A student account must be “Paid” in order to obtain a “Current Linfield Student ID and Semester Sticker”, which is required.

A “Current Linfield Student ID” card will allow a student to:

  • pick up a residence hall or apartment access key
  • get a class schedule
  • get a transcript
  • register or change registration
  • attend athletic events
  • use the library
  • use the computer lab
  • use the HHPA and Recreation Complex
  • attend ASLC events

If an account has not been “Paid” by the “Due Date”, in addition to the Late Clearing Fee, the student is subject to additional late fees or fines, finance charges, denial of services, and cancellation of enrollment on the first day of class.


A Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) form must be completed on WebAdvisor to include people that may be contacting our office concerning accounts. Please check "Yes" next to "Student Accounts" to insure we may communicate with these people.

Student Accounts 503-883-2241 or FAX 503-883-2630 

Admission 503-883-2213

Financial Aid 503-883-2225

Registrar 503-883-2211

Student Affairs 503-883-2278

“It is the responsibility of each student to be aware of and to meet the catalog requirements for graduation and to adhere to all other deadlines, rules, and regulations published in this catalog, the Student Handbook, and the Linfield College Policy Handbook (Catalog)".  This policy includes meeting the requirements of the Student Accounts Office in the account Payment Due process and payment procedure. The catalog requirements are available on our web site in Section One. Information and staff help is available concerning student accounts in the Student Accounts Office from the Cashier in Melrose 031 Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and from the Student Accounts Manager in Melrose 063 from 08:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Individual Statement of Account information is also available to every student on Linfield WebAdvisor then “log in” tab. If the student is relying on their parent or benefactor to comply with the requirements, it is the students responsibility to provide the necessary information to the parent or benefactor to ensure compliance.