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2014-2015 College Costs

The chart below is a breakout of the 2014-2015 academic year costs and fees. Please note: tuition is not charged during January Term, but rather a per credit fee of $219. Students typically take 4 or 5 credits, bringing the cost of courses to, on average, $876-1,095.

Cost Semester Annual January Term
Tuition $18,500 $37,000 $219 per credit
Room (Double) $2,805 $5,610 $520
Board (Standard) $2,360 $4,720 $535
Associated Student Body Fee $130 $260 $30
Technology Fee $43 $86 $0
Direct Costs $23,838 $47,676 $2,180***
Other Costs
Health Insurance* $874 $1,748  
Personal Expenses** $500 $1,000  
Books and Supplies ** $375 $750  
Total Estimated Costs
(including personal expenses)
$25,536 $41,228 $2,180***

*Health Insurance is required for all students. This may be waived if a student is covered by a parent or guardian’s insurance policy. Please check with your insurance provider regarding coverage for your student while in Oregon and at college. Students who wish to purchase health insurance for Fall and Spring Semester will pay $874 per semester (for a total of $1,748 for the year).  International students cannot waive insurance, regardless of coverage provided by a parent, guardian or home country insurance policy or program.

** Figures for personal expenses and books and supplies are estimates and may vary depending upon transportation to and from campus, types of courses and books/supplies needed and other variables.

*** Jan Term fees based on a 5 credit course.