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Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

In the broadest of terms, we need science education for every student. We must
prepare future scientists, physicians, engineers and computer scientists. In addition, we are called to
educate all students. As informed citizens they can participate in an increasingly complex world where
scientific understanding is at the core of many, many issues.

  • Science education is about doing science, not just learning about science.
  • Collaboration is critical to address issues that do not neatly fit into any single discipline.
  • Critical thinking, data analysis and communication are essential scientific skills for scientists and non-scientists alike.
  • The ability to communicate science to the general public is crucial.

All of these themes are found at Linfield: articulated in our strategic plan, demonstrated in our
engaged teaching and evident in our student-faculty collaborative research. They are critical to the
rich conversation about the future of science at Linfield, initiated by faculty, that includes professors
from STEM disciplines and many other departments as well as trustees of the college, and friends in
the community.