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STEM at Linfield

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Linfield College's STEM programs emphasize exploration and creativity in and out of the classroom.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are the fields that led to some of the greatest achievements in history and will inspire future innovation and creativity.  From exploring planets to curing disease, STEM fields have been at the forefront of humankind’s best moments.

Linfield combines an interdisciplinary approach to the sciences with a broad and engaging exploration into all fields of inquiry, from literature to history to social structures to our diverse nation and world.  Linfield student-scientists draw from other disciplines, and are better scientists because of it.

Our approach to high quality STEM education includes many opportunities for students:

The National Science Foundation views Linfield’s approach to STEM education in such high regard that in 2016 the Foundation granted Linfield a multi-year funding program that supports our approach.  Linfield faculty will coordinate and enhance curricular and extracurricular experiences for STEM students. Scholarships will provide funding for academically strong STEM scholars with demonstrated financial need who might otherwise not attend Linfield College. Funds will be used to coordinate new and existing curricular and extracurricular programs to benefit S-STEM scholarship recipients and the broader STEM student population at Linfield.

Maximum amount of S-STEM Scholarships Linfield offers
Total Amount of S-STEM Grant for five years
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