Linfield Wildcats
TopCat Club

Annual Donors

Recognizing contributions made between July 1, 2012-Oct. 1, 2013


Scott and Jennifer Brosius

Dave and Pam Ellis

Marilyn and Larry Miller



Howard and Betsy Aster

Curtis and Kathryn Baker

Connie and Bruce Baldwin

Peter and Paula Bennett

Dick and Debbie Cahill

Scott and Cathy Carnahan

Tom and Sue Davison

Ron and Linda Davison

Doc Dengenis

Joe Driggers

Dutch Bros.

Glenn and Tammy Ford

Norman Fridley

Randy and Phoebe Harrison

Tom Hellie and Julie Olds

Ted and Elsie Henry

Ken and Linda Herbst

Sharon and Larry Hermo

Gary and Kristine Hunt

Sonny Jepson

Steve and Barbara Jones

Lois Larson

Tim and Diane Marsh

Nancy and Mark McCollum

Ann and Denny Morlan

Howard and Ginger Morris

National Christian Foundation

Eric and Robin Nichols

Ann Nicholson

Dave and Judy Nygaard

Doug and Karen Pitassi

Asher Reilly

Jim and Beverly Reimann

Ad and Joan Rutschman

Joseph and Mary Ellen Salta

Ray and Roberta Simonsen

Pat Smith

Sodexo Food Service

Bill and Jane Sporre

Connie and Ethelyn Sproul

Mike and Karen Stelman

Rob and Linda Stephenson

Bob Stewart

Lyn and Karin Swanson

Shelley and Michael Vissers

Ken and Joy Ware

Willamette Valley Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Gary and Sally Williams

Dick and Norma Wiser

Dick and Gayle Withnell

Hugh and Patricia Yoshida



Dennis Allen

Fred Baugh

Steve Berg

Jim and Lois Bernhardt

John and Kathleen Buchner

Larry and Colleen Carlson

Kerry and Kristie Carmody

Ed and Dinah Chadwick

Drew and Sarah Corrigan

Mel Dyche

Deno and Cindy Edwards

Denise and Mack Farag

Bob and Ardi Ferguson

Bob and Beverly Flood

Jim Fryer

Dawn Graff-Haight and Walt Haight

Brian and Misty Higgins

Wellesley Ferguson

Debbie Harmon Ferry and Dave Ferry

Brian and Jennifer Gerritz

Dave and Sharron Hansen

Evan Hansen

Nancy and Bob Haack

Rogers and Karen Ishizu

Ron and Kay Johnston

Pat and Jeff Kizer

Dave and Ann Kocer

Steve and Helaine Lopes

Bob Martyn and Donna Harwood-Martyn

Tom and Jean Meicho

Don Miller

Randy and Lori Mueller

George and Donna Murdock

Ray and Bonnie Olson

Dave Ostrander

Marilyn Owens

Dan and Jayne Preston

Ron and Joan Sigler

Selwyn Spray

Bill and Rhonda Tomasini

Anthony and Patricia Ueland

Al Tarpenning

Bob and Carole Lea Zuleger



Bob and Phyllis Abrahamson

Jeffrey Appelt and Erika Powers Appelt

Odis Avritt

Kurt Barnes

Joe and Gwynn Bakkensen

Roald and Linda Berg

Margie and Marty Bergan

Dave and Janelle Bertsch

Denny and Alexis Bishop

Dawn and Steve Boyea

Norman and Betty Brostrom

Frank Brougher

Carol and Tim Brown

Dave Brown

Nathelle Brown


George and Jill Carter

John S. Clayton

Dan Corrigan and Mary Craig-Corrigan

Herman Crisp

Greg Culbert

Ethan Dale

Marshall and Patty Damgaard

Anthony Danna

Vern and Grace DeLap

Dick and Shirley Duerr

Tomika Dew

Jim and Kathleen Drake

Debra Leith and Greg Edmiston

Flo Edwards

Earl and Norma Engebretson

Jim and Anne Fairchild

Lee and Penny Fails

Donegal and Kimberly Fergus

Tom Lippmann and Diane Foster

Michael and Gillian Freeman

Eric and Peggy Fricke

Myrtle Fricke

Wendell Foote

Gene and Jackie Forman

Joann and Tom Foster

Dave and Becky Gaspar

Sean and Desiree Germon

Dick and Diane Getchell

Jay and Lois Gustafson

Drannan and Beverly Hamby

Barbara and Bill Hammel

Gil and Vickie Hargreaves

Glen Harrington

Earl and Jackie Haugen

Kathy and Carl Heisler

Dorothy Helser

Delbert Helzer

Joni and Mark Herwick

Scott and Tina Hill

John and Jacqueline Holland

Dick Holliday and Mary Slayter

Marv and Jeanne Heater

Maurice and Margaret Hillyer

Teresa and Doug Hire

Alan and Jackie Hubka

Ryan and Ryan Marie Hubka

Lynne and Chuck Humble

Dan Jacobsen

Jim Jaggers

Bob and Jan Jensen

Patti and Bert Johnson

Gene and Phyllis Johnson

Ole and Ramona Johnson

Alice Jones

Kathryn Karr

Glenn Knight

Jeff and Suzy Krier

Noel Knopf

Bob and Michele Kumpula

Bob Lamb and Laureen Darrow Lamb

Jan and Ed Langsdorf

Hal and Helen Lapp

Art Larrance

Bruce and Lani Lawson

Bill and Margaret LeMaster

Ken and Shirley Lester

Becky Lippmann

Lou and Carolyn Littlejohn

Gary Logsdon

Fred and Jan Loffer

Bruce and Denise Lundquist

Bob and Donna Lunt

Jerry Luoto

Salli Luoto

John and Nikki Lee

Bill and Jan Machamer

Nancy and Henry Mahi

Carol Mapp

Ken Mapp and Karen Dunn

Bill Mardock

Marnie Marr

Thomas McFadden

Jane McIlroy

Jerry and Vi McNeil

John and Merry Melonas

Ron and Donna Miller

Marianne Mills

Sean Monahan

Max and Janette Nardoni

Stanley Neander

Dale and Freels Newhouse

Wes Nicholson

Diane Nicholson

Larry Norton

Sonja Murphy

Mike and Terry Van Orman

Jeff and Malia Owens

Sanford and Johanna Owens

Jackie and Gerry Painter

Tommy and Chelsea Paterson

Kip and Natalie Patterson

Bernie and Suzanne Peterson

Reba and Vince Powell

Lisa and John Prevedello

John and Evelyn Prutsman

Robert and Judith Raffalo

Martha Rich

Pat and Alyson Richards

Ken Rogers

Joe and Susan Robillard

Ken Sandin and Tamsin Stearns-Sandin

Donald and Nancy Semmens

Scott Semmens

John and Joan Schindelar

Jerry and Sue Schoof

Keith Shriver

Steve and Margaret Shultz

Kelvin and Lynn Shoji

Debbie and Brad Snodgrass

Eric Sporre

Gary and Sunny Stautz

Mike and Angela Stockdale

Wayne and Edna Stonebrink

Peggy and Carl Story

Edie Rissberger and Don Stow

Buzz Stroud

Perry and Arlene Stubberfield

Bill and Corky Swift

Bill and Virginia Tapscott


Norman and Joelle Thomassen

Leonard R. Tirrill

Yogi and Louise Umbarger

Greg and Peggi Walsh

Marcus Ward

David and Betty Wax

Connie and Randy Westrick

Barbara and Mark Whitehurst

Jim and Melva Wickerd

Jack and Patricia Williams

Mary Williams

Jeff and Jaynie Wirkkala

Bruce and Carol Wyatt

Len Yamauchi

Diana and Tom Younker

Marilyn and Ted Zetterberg



Hall of Fame Committee
Frank Bashor Supply
Roald Berg
Jolene and Kelly Bird
Jennifer and Scott Brosius
Ryan and Kelly Carlson
Cathy and Scott Carnahan
Kip Carlson
Art Cuscaden
Tony Danna
Steve Davis
Northside Electric - Jim Davis, Mike Davis, and Nate Shearer
Davison Auto Parts
Bob Dills Memorial
Evergreen Farms
Rob Gloeckner
Dan Fleming
Football Chain Gang
Football Water Crew
Ryan and Jennifer Gardner
Golden Valley Brew Pub & Restaurant
Norm Goss
Dave Hansen
Debbie Harmon
Brad Hill
Doug and Teresa Hire
Peter Howland
D & J Kizer Contractors, Inc.
Jeff Kizer
Art Larrance
Bob Lunt
Tim Marsh
Mike Maxwell - AT&T
Tom McFadden
Meisel Rock Products
Print NW
Dr. Peter Van Patten
Pepsi Cola
Dan Preston
McMinnville Quarterback Club
Jim Ray
Adriana Sleigh
Del Smith
Kris Stubberfield
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
Washington Roofing
Wildcat Open Tee Sponsors
Wildcat Open Raffle Donations
Wildcat Open Committee
Withnell Dodge
Bob Zuleger


C.L. and Elizabeth Davison
Pete Dengenis
Paul Durham
J. & B. Grimm
G. & E. Mallory
Ad and Joan Rutschman
Jeff Kizer and Ron Davison
Roy and Dorothy Helser
Anton and Marie Molek
Charlie & May Driggers