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Topcat Club

The TopCat Club exists as a support organization to Linfield College's 19 NCAA Division III varsity sports teams and the more than 450 students who participate in athletics each year. Support from the TopCat Club has been essential in maintaining and expanding each of these programs.

The mission of the TopCat Club is to provide students with an outstanding athletic and academic experience and to strengthen the overall competitiveness of the Linfield athletics program.

At Linfield, we continually strive to improve programs and facilities so that our teams may compete at the highest level. Roughly 75 percent of the athletic department's annual operating budget comes from the college's general fund. The remainder is generated through a wide variety of external sources, including annual gifts to the Linfield TopCat Club.

Make your gift today! Remember to designate your gift to "TopCat Club" or the sport or program of your choice.


•TopCat Club General Fund
This fund is used at the discretion of the athletic director to benefit all programs as needs arise. Typical expenditures might include equipment, travel, uniforms or enhancement of facilities.

•Specific Sports
Choose to donate directly to the sport of your choice.

Designate dollars toward the maintainance and improvement of Linfield’s athletic venues.

Help support Linfield College permanently by establishing an endowment. Linfield will invest your initial gift and spend a portion of the average annual investment return.

How do I give?
Gifts and pledges take only a moment, but they are not the only way to support Linfield. Click here to learn about other ways to give, including stocks, real estate, matching gifts and electronic funds transfer (EFT). Find out if your employer will match your gift to Linfield.

For more information about supporting the Linfield TopCat Club, please contact Garry Killgore, director of athletics, by email ( or 503-883-2410.

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