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Linfield College Sports Media is the marketing arm of the Linfield College Athletics Department.

We offer our clients a variety of multi-media sponsorship opportunities. Options include Radio, Print, Fixed Signage, Event Sponsorships, and Hall of Fame Banquet.

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Aligning your organization with Linfield College Athletics is good business. It’s no coincidence that many of the area’s most prominent businesses are involved with Linfield through a variety of sponsorship opportunities from Linfield College Sports Media.

When the Wildcats win, so do the businesses who call themselves Linfield sports sponsors.

Your brand image can be presented to thousands of potential customers for a minimal investment.

Local residents, out-of-town visitors, and Linfield students are more likely to frequent your shop or business if they know you’re a Linfield sponsor. Linfield offers something for everyone's sponsorship or promotional needs.

Cat's Eye View

Our most recent innovation is the “CatsEyeView” video Webcast. Viewers pay a small fee to receive a live video broadcast of each home game on their home or office computer, complete with play-by-play description.

Sponsors can display their messages multiple times within each video Webcast.

Linfield football games are broadcast live on the radio and simulcast on the internet. No matter where they are, fans can always stay involved in the action.

Linfield football on the radio has been as much a Wildcat tradition as the “On with Linfield” fight song. Wearing a radio headset is common attire on game day. If you can’t attend, listening to the ‘Cats is the next best thing.

Veteran play-by-play announcer Bill Johnson returns again this fall as the voice of Linfield football. Games are broadcast live on McMinnville radio station KLYC (1260) and simulcast on the internet to a world-wide audience.

For basketball fans, play-by-play coverage of every Northwest Conference men's and women's contest (16 games total) is provided via the internet.

The Game Day football and basketball program is a popular printed product that connects sponsors with fans who attend home events.

Linfield football and basketball game programs are packed with useful information, including stories, photos, rosters, statistics, standings and game-day previews.

The programs are available during all home games, offering sponsors repeat exposure to thousands of Linfield fans.

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Presenting live action, instant replays, historic video flashbacks and sponsorship messages, Linfield’s state-of-the-art video display board at Maxwell Field keeps football fans continuously informed. The video board communicates thousands of client impressions to a captive audience.

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PrimeTime Pizza's "Senior Moment"
Oregon Mutual's "This Week in Linfield Football History"

Fixed signage is also available at nearly every one of Linfield’s outdoor sports venues. Venue signage can steadily help build brand image recognition within the local community.

When you choose to highlight your brand image at more than one venue, you receive a multi-ad discount. The more venues where your brand image appears, the more coverage your business gains and the greater the discount to you.

There has never been a better time to be involved with Linfield Athletics. To find out more about corporate sponsorship with the Linfield Wildcats, call sports media representative Bill Johnson at 503-568-4550.