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Athletic Treatment Center

The treatment center is located on the lower level of the athletic complex. It is equipped with modalities, treatment tables and taping stations. All modalities, including ultrasound, will be available for use by the visiting athletic trainer to administer to his/her own team. If no athletic trainer is traveling with the team, treatment will only be administered with written instructions from a doctor or ATC.

Stadium Taping Room

Track and field athletes are prepared for competition and treated in the stadium facility. A few modalities will be available. Any athlete who requires treatment not available at the stadium will be taken to the treatment center.

Visiting Football Team Facilities

Two tables will be provided for taping. If any of your athletes need treatment, please make arrangements prior to the day of competition.


Please bring your own taping supplies. Ice, plastic bags, water and cups or bottles will be provided. We will remove your biohazardous materials after the competition.

Emergency Equipment

Splints, crutches, stretcher and other emergency equipment will be available.

Medical Personnel

A Certified Athletic Trainer will be present at all competitions with the exception of tennis and golf. A student athletic trainer will be present at tennis and golf competitions with an ATC on call. A team physician and ambulance service will be on site for football games and on call for other competitions.

Please let us know in advance if an athletic trainer will not be traveling with your team so we can arrange adequate coverage for your team.

Athletic Training Staff

Duane Duey ATC/R (503) 883-2415
Jodie Faulk, ATC/R (503) 883-2622
Katie Hickman, ATC/R (503) 883-2327
Greg Hill, ATC/R (503) 883-2622

Team Physician

Dr. Derek Rains (503) 435-4520


Athletic Treatment Center (503) 883-2622
Football/Track Stadium Taping Room (503) 883-2420
Willamette Valley Medical Center (503) 472-6131

Concussion & Sickle Cell Trait Information

Linfield Concussion Policy (PDF)

Concussions: Don't Hide It, Report It, Take Time to Recover (Video)

The Student-Athlete with Sickle Cell Trait (Video)

Concussion Safety Fact Sheet for Student-Athletes

Concussion Safety Fact Sheet for Coaches 

Linfield's fully accredited Athletic Training Education Program plays a significant role in the management, prevention, recognition and rehabilitation of injured athletes. Under the supervision of a licensed physician, athletic trainers administer immediate emergency and follow-up care. They develop athletic injury prevention and treatment programs using their knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy and pathology. They also provide a vital link between the injured athlete, the physician, the coach and the athlete's family to determine the best time for return to practice and competition.