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February 21, 2014
Friendliness makes for easy transition

Transferring schools after one's sophomore year of college and learning a whole new system can be challenging for basketball student-athletes. For junior Vinnie  Toor, however, the transition from Ohlone Junior College in Fremont, Calif., to Linfield College has been smooth. 

“I decided to come to Linfield because I found out from my (former) coach that Coach (Shanan) Rosenberg got the job here. Since Foothill College (Rosenberg's former team) was in the same league as Ohlone, my team played against Coach Rosenberg's team multiple times within those two years,” says Toor. 

“His team was very fundamentally sound and he was a very energetic coach which I liked. I liked the style of offense he ran and how he ran his team.”

Toor also seems to like the new surroundings and environment that Linfield and its students offer. He said he loves how everyone at school is nice and friendly. “It seems people at Linfield are always in a good mood and never hesitate to go out of their way to help someone else out,” says Toor.

The 6-foot-3 junior thinks that there are many benefits to his small new college. He notes the professors are really helpful and accommodate students' schedules to meet up for extra help. 

“The biggest benefit of being at a small college is all the extra help from the professors. They are very willing to help whether it is during class or during their office hours,” says Toor.

As far as hoops goes, playing basketball at Ohlone and Linfield is not really different.

“My former coach and Coach Rosenberg were actually very close friends and they both share a lot of coaching traits, such as demanding a high level of smart play and intensity on the court that go hand in hand. It made the transition to playing for coach Rosenberg easy for me,” Toor says. “I believe that my former coach prepared me very well about what it is like to play for a college basketball team and what is expected out of you.”

Toor loves the concept of competition. He thinks of everything in basketball as a competition, whether it's competing to get a spot on the roster, competing with an opposing player for good rebounding position or the big picture: competing to win games. 

Teammates and coaches of Toor are the most supportive to him here at Linfield. “If I have an issue with anything, whether it is basketball related or not, I can depend on my coaches and teammates to help me out,” says Toor.

Fellow teammate and roommate Adam  Myren, another first-year Linfield transfer from California, met Toor on the first day of school. “Vinnie and me are always together. Neither of us have a car so we're trekking everywhere, whether it's to Dillin Hall for food or the store if we need some stuff,” says Myren.

On the court, Myren praises Toor's ability, saying, “He's a fluid scorer that can get hot quick, which is great to have. He's a good guy to have on the team because he brings a natural skillset that makes everyone want to get better.”

Rosenberg appreciates Toor for his ability to catch and shoot the ball. With Toor's length, he can also be an efficient rebounder for the team and can distract opposing shooters defensively.

“Off the court, Vinnie is calm, has a great sense of humor, insightful, amicable, and a very nice person to be around. On the court, he's intense and is a really good shooter,” Rosenberg says.

Toor, an accounting major, believes the hardest part of his completing his major is the number of classes he is required to take. “At first, balancing school and basketball was a bit tough, but it forced me to become organized and utilize my time a lot better,” says Toor.

After Linfield, Toor plans continue his studies at a graduate school somewhere in Southern California or maybe the east coast, only because he has never been to that side of the country before and it is something that he would like to experience.

-Rhys Lendio ‘16

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Vinnie Toor
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