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October 14, 2013
Frazier exemplifies the true definition of assisting

Maintaining a 4.0 grade point average, participating in four clubs, and majoring in both elementary education and psychology, Linfield College junior Audrey  Frazier still manages to shine as tri-captain and setter on the volleyball court.

Since the fourth grade, Frazier has enjoyed a passion for volleyball. Though the intensity and speed of play was much greater from high school to college, her favorite element about competing in volleyball is just simply being part of the team.

 “We have pretty good team chemistry,” says Frazier. “Some of my best friends are on the team and it's a really great thing that we all get along well.”

“Audrey is really caring; she has a big heart for a lot of people,” says fellow setter Casie  Gaza. “She's easy to talk to and I think that makes her a really good captain. She is just a really great person.” 

Wildcats coach Shane  Kimura taught Frazier a great lesson about balancing all the demands that go with being a Linfield student-athlete.

“Shane has always made it very clear that on our priority list, family and school always come before volleyball. It's really awesome that he recognizes those priorities and he's been really helpful,” Frazier says.

“Attitude-wise, she has to bring a lot of energy and show good leadership. As one of the captains, she does a good job of that,' says Kimura. “Your setter is like your quarterback out there. Even though she's not setting throughout the whole rotation, she's got to take charge of the rotations that she does set. Obviously, Audrey means a lot to this team.”

Off the court, Frazier says her teammates help dig her out of any situations that might occur. “They are there for support no matter what kind of problem I get in. We can talk about volleyball, school, or anything that's going on. We really have each other's backs.”

As a student-athlete, Frazier believes her schoolwork is always her first priority.  “Academics are not easy, but I am a very determined person. I graduated as a valedictorian from high school. My academics are really important to me. I put in the work and make time for it,” she says. 

With the added burden of attempting a double major, Frazier has plenty on her plate yet remains determined to earn a bachelor's degree in both disciplines. “When I came to Linfield, I planned on majoring in education because I wanted to work with special needs kids. I thought psychology would complement working in education along with the abnormal psychology and learning about different learning disabilities. I then took my first psychology class and really enjoyed the topic so I decided to double major,” Frazier says.

Outside of bookwork, Frazier is an active member of numerous clubs. She is a member of the Chaplain team, Kappa Delta Pi (Education Honor Society), Psi Ci (Psychology Honor Society), and is the volleyball team's representative on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. Frazier is also a sister of the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. Even though her club activities fill up her free time, she finds time to immerse herself in music.

“I play the piano and guitar a lot. I don't know if I have time for hobbies. I think my hobbies are really my extra-curricular activities such as Chaplain's team, Greek Life and things like that,” she says. “I try to prioritize and just make it work. I have a really strong support group with my friends and family, they really help me out a lot.”

In volleyball and in her day-to-day life, Frazier definitely understands what it means to assist. When she's not setting up her teammates for kills at the net, she always has a helpful mindset.

A January Term study-abroad trip to Puerto Rico affords Frazier another opportunity to lend a helping hand.

“I'm really excited. One of my teammates, Courtney  Uyeda, is going with me and we are going to work at one of the elementary schools in Puerto Rico.”

Once she graduates from Linfield in the spring of 2015, Frazier plans to explore a career as a teacher, psychiatrist or counselor.

“If I want to teach, I'll have to earn my master's in education, or a master's in counseling if I wanted to be a high school guidance counselor. Another option is getting a Ph.D so I can be a psychiatrist,” Frazier says.

Helpfulness, thoughtfulness and hard work have definitely been in Frazier's blood since she became a Wildcat.  With everything that she is participating in and the success that she is having, the future looks bright for the multi-talented student athlete.

-- Rhys Lendio '17

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Audrey Frazier
Team captain and third-year setter