Linfield Wildcats

Ron Davison

Meritorious Service

Ron Davison It wasn't until after his graduation in 1965 that Ron Davison made his mark with the Linfield athletic program. Though he wasn't involved in sports as a student, he enjoyed watching sports and seeing local teams prosper.

Davison became a successful McMinnville businessman, owning and operating Davison Auto Parts since the mid-1960s. But Davison's passion has been local athletic programs and his countless contributions have benefitted Linfield, McMinnville High School, and amateur youth sports.

A member of the college's Board of Trustees from 1987 until 1990, Davison has been a major financial contributor for many years to the Linfield TopCat Club, an organization that helps fund the needs of the athletic department not covered by the college budget.

In 1988, along with fellow Hall of Fame inductees Jeff Kizer and Steve Davis, he volunteered his time and resources to help construct a modern concession stand, ticket booth and restroom structure at Maxwell Field. The three Wildcat supporters were also involved in rebuilding the field's drainage system and completely reseeding the playing surface.

For 15 years, Davison oversaw the ordering and distribution of Linfield athletic apparel at home football games, directing the proceeds back to the athletic department's coffers.

Along with Kizer, Davison established an endowed account to help supplement costs of athletic facility projects.

"Any time when Linfield asked for his support, Ron has stepped forward," said director of athletics Scott Carnahan.

A longtime active member of Partners-in-Progress, Linfield's annual fund-raising drive within the business community, Davison received the Linfield Alumni Service Award in 1992, along with his brother Tom '65, and wife, Linda '64.

All three of the Davison's children are Linfield alumni. Beth earned her bachelor's degree in 1989, and Steve and Jill each graduated in 1994.