Linfield Wildcats
Wildcat Spotlight
No one has yet solved the Riddle - May 15th

United Kingdom transplant Ella Riddle has been as hard to defeat as a Rubik's Cube

Divergent interests keep Seifert moving - April 27th

From international humanitarian service to birthing babies as a midwife, Mae Seifert says Linfield helps facilitate her ambition

Upward Trajectory - April 19th

Two-time NWC all-star Cheyenne Fletcher is taking her game to new heights, combining hard work with a fresh mental approach

Ryan Pladson makes certain it all adds up - April 18th

Whether he's counting dollars or calling pitches, the accounting major from Sammamish, Washington, loves mental challenges

Transfer makes easy transition to Linfield - April 6th

Though he's playing his first year in a Wildcats uniform, senior Tyler Linscott has jumped into the role of senior team leader

Born to Teach - April 3rd

Danielle Duman loved school as a kid. Her love of the classroom has become a springboard to a career in education.

Andrews lets his bat do the talking - March 22nd

Ben Andrews, senior third baseman and one of the NWC's top hitters, isn't one to raise his voice to send a message

Buss Service - March 14th

Feeling a deep-rooted calling to serve, Linfield senior Alissa Buss is considering a career helping others as a physical therapist

Commitment paying off for Hilpert - March 4th

Senior outfielder Scott Hilpert, one-time JV castoff, is now the toast of the Northwest Conference

Word of Mouth - February 21st

Her interest piqued by family friends and a coach, Molly Danielson came to Linfield for the blend of academics and athletics

Nothing Less Than 100% - February 15th

Given the option to play through a nagging injury or have surgery, Matt Woods chose the prudent course of action

There is no 'I' in Gourley - February 10th

Preferring relay races to individual events, Linfield's Trevor Gourley puts his team's mission ahead of his own personal acclaim

Never Too Busy - February 6th

Achieving her academic and athletic goals through the power of a small college, Riley Graham is on her way to a career in nursing

Small Stature, Big Impact - February 2nd

Austin Daniels is a key player in Linfield’s return to respectability and contention for the first NWC playoff berth since 2010

A Fork in the Road - January 31st

A change of heart brings Mariah Hellebrandt from Montana to McMinnville, where she's fully immersed in biology and basketball

The Pied Piper - January 23rd

Kids naturally gravitate to dynamic sophomore Negasi Hart, who plans to use his charisma to nurture those less fortunate

Ready for Anything - January 8th

A willingness to adapt to fit any situation, both in basketball and in life, serves Linfield senior Annalise Beshears well

Unconventional Wisdom - December 19th

28-year-old international student Victor Brasil is anything but a traditional college athlete but he's found a home at Linfield

A Helping Hand - November 11th

Through community service, Linfield soccer star Annie Ferguson reaps rewards greater than money

Mirror Images - November 1st

Even after four years at Linfield, most still cannot tell the Lewis twins apart

Casie and the Sunshine Band - October 28th

Solving problems and influencing others with her upbeat attitude are what Linfield setter Casie Gaza does best

The Human Metronome - October 25th

Senior distance standout Adrian Clifford finds rhythm pounding the trails of the race course or strumming the guitar in his band

Amazing Grace - October 24th

Following advice of his high school coaches, Kela Grace lands at Linfield

Extra Credit - October 20th

Linfield midfielder Karlee Willcox carries a heavy academic workload along side her responsibility as a senior team leader

Staying Power - October 13th

Four-year letterwinner Molly McTaggart achieves her full potential while serving as a role model to a young team on the rise

A Perfect 10 - October 10th

Placing team objectives above his own make Skylor Elgarico a quintessential ’Cat

Setting the Tone - October 5th

Kendra McSheridan has weathered injuries and rigorous academic schedules to become the centerpiece of the Linfield defense

Captain Fantastic - September 30th

An interest in helping others drives senior Brian DeGrandmont on the field, in the community and soon in professional setting

Star Turn - September 14th

Oregon State's loss is Linfield's gain as Johnny Carroll becomes a big-play target

Late bloomer enjoying otherworldly season - May 5th

Manuel Finley overcomes the mental obstacles to develop into a national-caliber 800-meter runner

Watch Finley's 800 race at NWC Championships

Curtain Call - April 22nd

Battle-tested, fourth-year senior Tim Hawkins mentors Linfield’s incoming talent as a parting gift to a program and sport he loves

Baseball's Fantastic 5 - April 18th

Exemplifying model Division III student-athletes, five Linfield baseball seniors thrive in school and sport

A Sizeable Task - April 12th

Standing just 4-foot-11, Marisa Kume has taken on a new culture, intensive exercise science major and formidable tennis opponents

Turning Frowns Upside Down - April 11th

In addition to hitting home runs, nursing major Erin Tauscher’s specialty is sharing smiles with those around her

Quiet demeanor masks puzzle-solving savvy - April 6th

Senior shortstop David Mason uses analytics on the diamond

Balancing Act - March 28th

Walking a tightrope between the classroom and the softball diamond, Kenzie Schmoll’s skilled mastery of time is a beauty to behold

Checking all the Boxes - March 18th

Senior pitcher and dual major Joe Perryman proves it is possible to excel at everything as a Wildcat student-athlete

Linfield's Elder Stateswoman - February 22nd

Perhaps more important than setting a school record, Elizabeth Fry’s career includes serving as role model for rising young stars

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee - February 19th

Two-sport student-athlete and junior communication arts major Jade Everage bring tenacity to the Linfield basketball court

Culture Club - February 12th

The opportunity to travel to a new continent and compete in two sports is too much to pass up for sophomore forward Genna Hughes

Fully Invested - February 6th

First-year head coach Casey Bunn's instant connection with the Wildcats has resulted in a spike in performance on the court

Drive-Thru Window - January 31st

Dani Krier is happy playing college hoops and learning athletic training before chasing her dream of a career as a neonatal nurse

Center of Attention - January 30th

Using raw athleticism and guile to win battles in the low post, Mason Rodby loves the challenge of matching up with opposing big

Standing Tall Through It All - January 13th

Leading others come naturally to senior Jessica McMillan, Linfield's lone fourth-year player

Impractical Joker - January 12th

To inspire his team, Wildcat senior guard Kevin Hurley mixes hard work with humor

Creative Crossover - October 30th

Whether’s he’s blending running with tennis, or creativity with analysis, Alex Mangan shows off an array of skills and talent

Tom Knecht is 'Ready to Go' - October 28th

A promising career in real estate awaits the trustworthy and capable quarterback

From 'Me' to 'We' - October 23rd

A product of two junior colleges, senior Caiti Barrie found greater joy in volleyball when her focus shifted toward team goals

Linfield's Triple Threat - October 16th

Regan Cox delivers as a student, athlete and teacher

Friendships Matter Most - October 13th

Sharing common experiences with teammates are what make football fun, says Linfield's Kyle Belcher

Don't Underestimate This Wildcat - September 28th

Hopeful teacher Courtney Uyeda is equipped to handle any challenge thrown her way

True Leadership Knows No Boundaries - September 28th

On and off the soccer field, Canadian native Alexander Gosselin-Bockel is leading his team to success

Two Forks in the Road - September 21st

Eric Pitassi's transfer to Linfield four years ago guides the senior offensive guard to a new career path

Ready or Not, Eli's Coming - September 15th

Gregarious linebacker Eli Biondine is poised for outstanding senior campaign

More to the catcher than meets the eye - April 22nd

From her view behind home plate, Linfield senior McKenna Spieth relates well with teammates, coaches and umpires

Natural Born Leader - April 9th

Rising from a novice player to team co-captain, Linfield's Rebecca Kropp is stabilizing influence for the women's lacrosse program

Eight Great Years - April 9th

Sisters Kelly and Sarah Watanabe were never teammates, but they have supported one another throughout their respective careers

Right field has international flavor - April 8th

Trips to Argentina and China expand outfielder Erin Carson's worldly view

Haddeland embraces pressure situations - April 8th

Senior Chris Haddeland’s competitive nature rubs off on rest of team

All about angles, rotation and speed - April 8th

Mathematics mind Montana McNealy applies her knowledge inside pitching circle and inside the classroom