Linfield Wildcats
Wildcat Spotlight
Fully Invested - February 6th

First-year head coach Casey Bunn's instant connection with the Wildcats has resulted in a spike in performance on the court

Drive-Thru Window - January 31st

Dani Krier is happy playing college hoops and learning athletic training before chasing her dream of a career as a neonatal nurse

Center of Attention - January 30th

Using raw athleticism and guile to win battles in the low post, Mason Rodby loves the challenge of matching up with opposing big

Standing Tall Through It All - January 13th

Leading others come naturally to senior Jessica McMillan, Linfield's lone fourth-year player

Impractical Joker - January 12th

To inspire his team, Wildcat senior guard Kevin Hurley mixes hard work with humor

Creative Crossover - October 30th

Whether’s he’s blending running with tennis, or creativity with analysis, Alex Mangan shows off an array of skills and talent

Tom Knecht is 'Ready to Go' - October 28th

A promising career in real estate awaits the trustworthy and capable quarterback

From 'Me' to 'We' - October 23rd

A product of two junior colleges, senior Caiti Barrie found greater joy in volleyball when her focus shifted toward team goals

Linfield's Triple Threat - October 16th

Regan Cox delivers as a student, athlete and teacher

Friendships Matter Most - October 13th

Sharing common experiences with teammates are what make football fun, says Linfield's Kyle Belcher

Don't Underestimate This Wildcat - September 28th

Hopeful teacher Courtney Uyeda is equipped to handle any challenge thrown her way

True Leadership Knows No Boundaries - September 28th

On and off the soccer field, Canadian native Alexander Gosselin-Bockel is leading his team to success

Two Forks in the Road - September 21st

Eric Pitassi's transfer to Linfield four years ago guides the senior offensive guard to a new career path

Ready or Not, Eli's Coming - September 15th

Gregarious linebacker Eli Biondine is poised for outstanding senior campaign

More to the catcher than meets the eye - April 22nd

From her view behind home plate, Linfield senior McKenna Spieth relates well with teammates, coaches and umpires

Natural Born Leader - April 9th

Rising from a novice player to team co-captain, Linfield's Rebecca Kropp is stabilizing influence for the women's lacrosse program

Eight Great Years - April 9th

Sisters Kelly and Sarah Watanabe were never teammates, but they have supported one another throughout their respective careers

Right field has international flavor - April 8th

Trips to Argentina and China expand outfielder Erin Carson's worldly view

Haddeland embraces pressure situations - April 8th

Senior Chris Haddeland’s competitive nature rubs off on rest of team

All about angles, rotation and speed - April 8th

Mathematics mind Montana McNealy applies her knowledge inside pitching circle and inside the classroom

Taking No Chances - March 30th

Interests in law and sports point to a potential future career as legal counsel for senior catcher Chance Laboda

Safe to Say: Middelstadt on a Good Path - March 30th

Base-stealing star and senior outfielder Grace Middelstadt has multiple career options after her time at Linfield comes to a close

Pitching an Art, the Diamond a Canvas - March 10th

Senior relief pitcher Joseph Stevick loves the simplicity and complexity of his craft

Senior Captain Taking Injuries in Stride - February 20th

By focusing on the positive, Taylor Solomon's leadership keeps Linfield on even keel

Training, Foreign Study Go Hand in Hand - February 14th

A semester abroad in Norway doesn't slow Linfield senior Tori Nickerson

Sisterhood Extends to Classroom, Court - February 13th

Wildcat teammates and siblings Riley and Paige Graham enjoy learning and playing together

Journey Begins with Small Steps - February 7th

A short detour to community college strengthens Hannah Depew's skills

Walls Putting His Best Foot Forward - January 23rd

Sophomore guard DeQuam Walls seeks post-graduate career in athletic shoe industry

Sharpshooting Potter finding his groove - January 9th

Sophomore guard Ryan Potter has the potential to be among the Northwest Conference's best

Leaving Footprints - October 29th

Stepping up in her final cross country season, Calli Dowdy's leadership is certain to have a lasting impact on Linfield's youth

Converting Potential into Results - October 28th

Helping Linfield overcome injuries at a key position, Quinn Takashima's own self-awareness provides a steadying influence

Wildcat strong, all year long - October 22nd

Already an all-star in soccer and track, Ellie Schmidt has one final year to add to her busy and impressive Linfield career

Witness to Sea of Change - October 14th

Senior Wildcat Emerson Morris-North has been a positive force and great teammate in the revival of Linfield men's soccer

Posing a Threat - May 9th

After transferring from Washington State, power hitter Clayton Truex has made the most of his opportunities at Linfield

Fisher's Tackle Box is Well Stocked - May 6th

NWC Player of the Year and Academic All-American Nick Fisher has the tools to succeed on the diamond and in the classroom

Businesslike Approach - April 23rd

Senior golfer and marketing major A.J. Taylor may use the course as a setting for business deals in his post-grad years

Taking root in the regional wine industry - March 27th

Leading scorer Shelby Duarte is already laying the groundwork for a successful career in marketing wine products

Friendliness makes for easy transition - February 21st

Junior Vinnie Toor has no problems settling in quickly at Linfield since migrating north from a Bay Area junior college

Smooth Operator - February 14th

Providing stability and outside shooting in the backcourt is rising star Quincey Gibson, daughter of a varsity coach

Rare injuries can't hold Maggie May back - February 8th

Linfield's senior captain is the invisible glue that holds the swim team together

Discovery Process - January 31st

Tanner Brill’s decision to attend Linfield was a first step toward learning where he fits in the classroom and on the court

Laughter Really is the Best Medicine - January 28th

Catie Mets, Linfield’s undersized point guard, makes up for her lack of height with an abundance of wry humor

Home Is Where the Heart Is - January 21st

Attending his third college in four years, guard Ryan Cali is loving his new found basketball home at Linfield College

Killing them with Kindness - January 21st

Is there a nicer a player in the Northwest Conference than Linfield’s Kaely Maltman? Her teammates don’t think so

Positive outlook helps Phillips return to court - January 13th

The road back from two surgeries has been arduous for junior center Kaleigh Phillips

Deep-Running Roots - November 8th

For senior Julia Vaughan, not even a career-ending injury can keep her away from her Wildcat family

With Loriaux, It's All Under Control - November 8th

Junior goalkeeper Grant Loriaux manages the Linfield defense and Type 1 diabetes with equal care and confidence

Home is Where the Heart Is - October 31st

Since leaving crime-riddled Venezuela, Linfield forward Domenico Del Prete has found a promising future in the United States

Feared and Focused - October 24th

Fearless on the soccer field and focused in the classroom, Wildcats junior Lindzee Baker is a model student-athlete

Thinking Outside the Box - October 23rd

Discovering the ideal balance between academics, art and athletics, Linfield’s Katie Skinner pushes past her runners’ block to emerge as one of the Wildcats’ top competitors

Frazier exemplifies the true definition of assisting - October 14th

Between setting up her teammates at the net, studying hard for a career in teaching or counseling and staying active in numerous clubs, junior Audrey Frazier is constantly on the go

Doing Things the Wright Way - October 7th

A steady sparkplug in the secondary, senior Kyle Wright shares his love of snow, football coaches and the Linfield defensive line

Yoder applying farm work ethic to new role as starting quarterback - September 25th

The senior business management major is busy developing his own farm, not to mention leading the Linfield offense

Versatility helping 'Cats close in on NCAA title - May 23rd

Closer Justin Huckins is one of the main reasons the Wildcats' pitching staff ranks among the best in the nation

Prestianni's legacy defines complete college experience - May 4th

With her softball career rounding third base and heading for home, Karleigh Prestianni has quietly become a top-notch role model athletically and academically

Where Are They Now? Dominic Rieniets - May 1st

One of the most decorated swimmers in Linfield history is selected to receive the NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship

Quite by Accident - April 25th

Linfield sprinter Melany Crocker emerges stronger following her recovery from a freak accident last summer that nearly ended her career

Harlows are Diamonds in the Rough - April 19th

While it is not uncommon to see a brother and sister attend the same school, not all siblings have the close-knit bond shared between freshman Maggie and senior Jordan

Chamberlain, Hopp define camaraderie, leadership - April 11th

Four-year baseball vets Kyle Chamberlain and Michael Hopp combine experience, wisdom, and an equally light but focused attitude that takes the Wildcats to the next level

With Linfield's smallest fan behind her, Noe blazes her own trail - April 4th

Siena Noe not only excels as a distance runner and college student, but also confidently manages the everyday demands of being a single mother