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Sociology & Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology - Sociology Courses

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SOCL-101  Fundamentals of Sociology

Sociological concepts and explanations of social organization and social behavior; organization through social roles, intimate groupings, large groupings, large organizations; sociology as social science and agent in improving human welfare. Prerequisite: freshman or sophomore standing or consent of instructor. 4 credits. (IS or US)

SOCL-201  Deviance: Individual and Society

Definitions, cultural contexts, and power issues surrounding deviance. Power-conflict, structural-functionalist, control and labeling, theoretical understandings of such issues as a violent behavior, white- and blue-collar crime, social control, race, alcohol and alcoholism, drug use, heterosexual deviance, male and female homosexuality, mental disorder, and mental institutions. 4 credits. (IS or US)

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