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SOAN-040  Community Service

Community service activity, helping with such social services as nursing home care, tutoring, family recreation programs, juvenile corrections, special day schools. Requires 40 hours of service. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. 1 credit (EL)

SOAN-085  Exploring Sociology and ANTHropology

Paracurricular course designed for newly declared sociology and anthropology majors. Discussion of opportunities available to students, career options, meetings with SOAN faculty and senior majors, and attendance at Voices. Course taken during first fall semester after declaring the major (preferably in the sophomore year). Prerequisites: declared major in sociology or anthropology; consent of instructor. 1 credit

SOAN-205  Gender and Society

The comparison of historically and culturally situated conceptualizations of gender, gender identity, and gender inequality. The significance of gendered meanings and their symbolic representation in society and social institutions regarding distributions of social, economic, and political power. 4 credits (IS or US)

SOAN-210  Sport, Philosophy and Society (also Listed As Phil 210)

Role of sport in contemporary political, economic, and social issues; sport as cultural representation; sport and deviance; sport and socialization; sport and the reproduction of social inequality (race, class, gender, and sexual orientation); sport and imperialism. 4 credits (UQ)

SOAN-221  Religion, Society and Culture

Examines religion and religious belief as a social phenomenon. Focuses on the relationship between society and religion, and the role that religion plays in individuals' lives, with special emphasis on the larger social and cultural context of religious belief and expression in the United States. Topics to be considered include: belief and its institutionalization, religion as a social form, forms of religious organization, religion and social change, politics and religion, fundamentalism, religion in popular culture, secularization, and the shifting boundaries of religious and non-religious activity. 4 credits (IS or UQ)

SOAN-222  Mexico, Central America & The Caribbean: Societies and Cultures

Social organizations and cultures of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Patterns of economic, political, and social organization, including ethnicity, gender, race, class, and other social cleavages. Migration to the United States and effects on U.S. society, including Latinas and Latinos, Rastafarian influences, and U.S. migration policy. 4 credits (IS or GP)

SOAN-225  Peoples and Cultures Of North America: The Native Americans

Indigenous people of North America: prehistory and patterns of adaptation, culture areas and the diversity of cultural configurations prior to European colonization, history of Indian-white relations, Native Americans today. 4 credits

SOAN-226  South America: Peoples and Cultures Of The Least Known Continent

Social organization, cultures, and histories of the diverse peoples of South America. Current patterns of economic, political, and social organization, including countryside and cities; ethnic, class, and other social cleavages; local, national, and international levels of integration. 4 credits (IS or GP)

SOAN-229  Contemporary Chinese Society

Overview of Chinese society, drawing on insights from anthropology, sociology, history, political science, religion, gender studies, and economics. Continuity and change in Chinese cultural traditions and the unity and diversity of Chinese culture both within Chinese national borders and with overseas Chinese. Orientalism, religion, marriage, kinship, gender, ethnicity, traditional medicine, understandings of the body, the usefulness of a "timeless Chinese" concept, and the possibility of a "Chinese sense of self." $50 fee. 4 credits (IS or GP)

SOAN-230  Peoples and Cultures Of South Asia

Peoples and Cultures from Afghanistan to Thailand, their social, economic, and religion institutions, regional disputes and conflicts. Forces for change, urban and rurual strategies for survival and development, roles of women. 4 credits

SOAN-232  Medicine and Culture

Cultural bases of illness and curing; ethnographic examination of how non-Western societies perceive and treat illness and how knowledge of non-Western practices can be used to critique and inform the management of our own health problems. Meanings of sickness, nature of relationships between patients and healers, and effects of culture on health. 4 credits (IS or GP)

SOAN-240  Utopias and Dystopias: Sociology Of Science Fiction

Exploration of theory of utopic and dystopic thought, social theory and their representation in works of science fiction. Specific areas of focus include gender and sex, sexual orientation, race, societal structure, war, terrorism, peace, inequality and political theory. 4 credits (IS or UQ)

SOAN-244  The Other Europe

Marginalized populations of the European subcontinent and their cultures in historical anthropological perspective: East Europeans, Basques, Roma, Jews, Irish, recent Asian and African immigrants, and European underclasses. Views of pre-modern and modern European Civilization from core and periphery. Other Europeans and the U.S. 4 credits (IS or GP)

SOAN-250  Environmental Sociology (also Listed As ENVS 250)

Relationship between social groups and natural and human-built environment, human-induced environmental decline, sustainable alternatives, environmentalism as social movement, public enviromental opinion, environmental racism and classism. Social dimensions of built environment including urban sprawl, development, place, space, community, and urban design. 4 credits (IS)

SOAN-251  Sociology Of Music Subcultures

Sociological and Anthropological investigation of music subcultures in modern society. Focus on the social and cultural significance of popular and folk music genres with a particular emphasis on sociological theories of representation, identity, community, subculture, tradition, authenticity, and social change. Emphasis on social institutions, social interaction, and their interrelationship. 4 credits (CS)

SOAN-265  Race & Ethnicity

Racial and ethnic minorities in the United States. Historical knowledge of role of race in formation of U.S.; current state of dominant-minority relations. 4 credits (IS or US)

SOAN-270  Latina and Latinos In The U.S.

Examination of major Latina/o subpopulations, including immigration history, population trends, general socio-cultural tendencies. Specific topics of migration and border studies, gender and family, labor and gender, Latina/o politics and policy, poverty, identity and citizenship issues arising among various Latina/o subgroups as they experience and affect U.S. society and culture. 4 credits (IS or US)

SOAN-275  Topics: Other Americans

A field-based topics course designed to submerge students in a marginal or counter-cultural community. Methodological training in field research. May be repeated with consent of instructor. 4 credits (IS or US)

SOAN-280  Families In Compartive Perspective

Examines the family as a social institution, both domestically and globally. Addresses historical and cultural perspectives, with emphasis on family diversity, variations in family form and life style, and the interdependence between family and other institutions. Analysis of major family issues, as well as forces for change in the family. 4 credits (IS or US)

SOAN-307  Social Research Methods

For future researchers and consumers of research. Designs for research on social behavior, data collection, and analysis; reporting results; funding of research; uses of research in social work, government, and management. Four hours of lecture and three hours of lab each week. Prerequisite: SOCL 101 or ANTH 111. 5 credits (QR)

SOAN-330  Sociology Of Community

Examines the social science concept of community and its context in rural life. Focus on the intersection of rural and urban cultures. Issues covered include racial and cultural diversity, globalization and rural communities, urban-rural migration, community identity and change, community building, and community survival. Experiential component focusing on local region. Prerequisite: SOCL 101 or ANTH 111. 4 credits (IS)

SOAN-350  Global Political Economy: Social and Cultural Perspectives

Understanding economic behavior in nonindustrial societies by locating it in its wider social and cultural setting. Survey of major theoretical positions and review of concrete cases; issues arising from ongoing incorporation of formerly autonomous economies into dominant world system. Prerequisite: SOCL 101 or ANTH 111 or consent of instructor. 4 credits. (IS or GP)

SOAN-360  The Sociology Of Culture

Major perspectives in the study of culture: culturalism, structuralism, post-structuralism, Marxism, feminism, postmodernism; theoretical and empirical scholarship of contemporary culture with emphasis on the U.S.; methodological issues for studying culture. Prerequisite: SOCL 101 or ANTH 111. 4 credits (IS or US)

SOAN-365  Urban Society and Culture

Historical emergence of the pre-industrial city; pre-modern experiments in city systems; modernization, industrialization and urbanization; structure of the modern city; urban politics; urban social problems; semiotics and interptretation of urban space. Prerequisite: SOCL 101 or ANTH 111. 4 credits (IS)

SOAN-375  City and Countryside In Transition

Local socio-cultural organization in state societies, using ethnographic field methods to explore such topics as ethnicity and tribalism, patron-client relations and brokers, the interrelation of formal institutions and informal social relations, and the tension between urban and rural societies. Prerequisite: SOCL 101 or ANTH 111. 4 credits (IS)

SOAN-385  Seminar: Social Theory

Junior-level seminar focusing on the major intellectual currents leading to the development of the sciences of culture, society, and human social behavior. Four hours of lecture and two hours of lab each week. Prerequisites: SOCL 101 or ANTH 111, and junior standing. 5 credits

SOAN-404  Social Movement, Citizenship and Dissent

Social movements in cross-cultural perspective ranging from microsociological to macrosociological. Political, economic, gender, religious, racial, and lifestyle issues that have been a focus of collective activity in promoting or resisting change on a sociocultural level. Resource mobilization, the J-curve theory of revolution, class conflict, urban social movements, identity construction, new social movements, and issues of citizenship and dissent. Prerequisites: SOCL 101 or ANTH 111; SOAN 307 and 385. 4 credits (MWI)

SOAN-439  Peer Instruction

Opportunity for outstanding students to assist faculty in the classroom and laboratory. May not be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: application and consent of instructor. 3-5 credits (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) (EL)

SOAN-454  Symbols In Society and Culture

Study of world cultures as systems of symbols and the process by which people give meaning to their world and their action in it. Critical examination of theoretical models used in the analysis of a variety of semantic domains: ritual, myth, media, popular culture, folklore, politics, and the self. Prerequisites: SOCL 101 or ANTH 111; SOAN 307 and 385. 4 credits (MWI)

SOAN-456  Socio-cultural Change: Transformation, Collapse, Rebirth

Understanding transformations underway in late modernity which may presage collapse; survey of major theoretical positions and concrete cases to discern patterns and processes involved in transformation, collapse and rebirth of complex societies; causes and consequences of societal collapse, including what actually "collapses" when collapse happens. Prerequisites: SOCL 101 or ANTH 111, SOAN 307 and 385. 4 credits (MWI)

SOAN-460  Gender, Sexuality and The Body

Gender, sexuality, and the body as focus for both independent and interrelated areas of scholarship using several theoretical perspectives; examination of ethnographic materials from a wide variety of cultural contexts. Prerequisites: SOCL 101 or ANTH 111; SOAN 307 and 385. 4 credits (MWI)

SOAN-465  Self and Society

Examines the concept and notion of the self and identity through a symbolic interaction perspective, particularly on how the self is affected in a given social context. Major areas of focus include education, gender, race, and community/nation. Prerequisites: SOCL 101 or ANTH 111; SOAN 307 and 385. 4 credits (MWI)

SOAN-480  Independent Study

Study of special topics not available as courses; requires approval of a supervising instructor and the department chairperson. For advanced students. 1-5 credits

SOAN-485, 486  Senior Proseminar I: Theory and Practice

Capstone course for graduating seniors focusing on the practice of sociology and anthropology. Work includes preparation of portfolios, self-assessment on the meeting of departmental goals, research into graduate school opportunities and other career options, organization of SOAN Tables, teaching in other classes and public presentations, discussion of the relationship between social theory and practice and independent theoretical readings. Prerequisites: SOCL 101 or ANTH 111, SOAN 385, and senior standing or consent of instructor. Offered fall, spring. 4 credits (2 per semester).

SOAN-487  Internship

Student participation in an organization whose activities relate to vocations requiring preparation in sociology, social work, or anthropology. Supplemented with appropriate readings and reports. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: approval of departmental internship supervisor. 2-10 credits (EL)

SOAN-490  Sociology/anthropology Research/thesis

Intensive research on a topic of special interest to the student, leading to a thesis. Projects undertaken by individuals or small teams of students. Honors thesis students required to register for this course. May be repeated for credit. 2-5 credits (WI)

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