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Sociology & Anthropology

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Thomas F. Love - Professor of Anthropology; Member Environmental Studies Faculty; Coordinator of Latin American Studies

Walker 218

Education: BA Columbia University; MA, MS, Ph.D. University of California, Davis

Academic Interests:


1)  Energy anthropology; socio-cultural consequences of global oil depletion
2)  Socio-cultural aspects of sustainable neotropical and temperate forestry
3)  Political economy and cultural ecology of Andean agriculture

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Love, Thomas & Cindy Isenhour
2016  Energy and Economy: Re-cognizing High Energy Modernity as an Historical Period. IN Love & Isenhour, eds., Economic Anthropology, 3:1 “Energy and Economy.” (selected papers from the 2014 meeting of the Society for Economic Anthropology that we organized)

Strauss, Sarah, Stephanie Rupp and Thomas Love, eds.  2013  Cultures of Energy: Power, Practices, Technologies.  Walnut Creek, CA:  Left Coast Press.

Love, Thomas  In preparation The “Independent Republic of Arequipa”: The making of regional culture in the central Andes.  Austin, TX:  Univ. of Texas Press.

Love, Thomas & Anna Garwood  2011  “Wind, sun and water:  Complexities of alternative energy development in rural northern Peru.”  Rural Society 20:294-307.

Love, Thomas  2008  “Anthropology and the fossil fuel eraAnthropology Today 24(2), pp. 3-4.

Love, Thomas  2005  “Pequeños Propietarios de la Campiña y los Usos Politícos del Lugar y el MestizajeIn F. Palacios, ed. Yuyayninchis:  Revista de la Escuela Profesional de Antropología, Vol. 1, pp. 115-136.  Arequipa, Peru:  Univ. Nacional de San Agustín.

Love, Thomas, Eric Jones & Leon Liegel  1998  “Valuing the Temperate Rainforest:  Wild Mushrooming on the Olympic Peninsula Biosphere Reserve.”  Ambio:  A Journal of the Human Environment, Special Report No. 9, pp. 16-25.

Love, Thomas  1989  "Limits to the Articulation of Modes of Production:  The Southwestern Peru Region" In Orlove, B.S., M. Foley & T. Love, eds. State, Capital and Rural Society:  Anthropological Perspectives on Political Economy in Mexico and the Andes.  Boulder, CO:  Westview Pr., pp. 147-179.

Goddard, Ives & Thomas Love 2004 “Oregon, the Beautiful”. Oregon Historical Quarterly 105(2):238-259

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