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ANTH-105  Human Biology and Evolution (also Listed As Biol 105)

Principles of human biology and evolution, dealingıwith the genetics, physiology, and behavior ofıhumans and other primates. Study of theırelationships between biology and culture.ıEmhpasis on the theory of evolution, itsıapplication to humans, and recent discoveries inıthe field of human prehistory. Lecture, readings,ıfilms, essays, and discussion.ıNOT APPLICABLE for Biology or General Scienceımajor or minor.ı3 credits (NW)

ANTH-111  Cultural Anthropology

Anthropological study of culture and society;ıworld cultures and their variation in social,ıpolitical, and economic organization, beliefısystems and world view, material culture and theıarts, patterns of adaptation. Assumptions,ıconcepts, and methods of anthropologists.ıPrerequisite: freshman or sophomore standing orıinstructor consent.ıPrerequisite: freshman or sophomore standing orıconsent of instructor.ı4 credits (IS or GP)

ANTH-112  Archeology and World Prehistory With Lab

Survey of world socio-cultural evolution from theıLower Paleolithic through the Neolithic Transitionıto the rise of complex societies and agrarianıstate systems. What archaeologists have learnedıabout the past and how they have learned it. Keyıissues and sites in prehistoric archaeology andıthe relevance of these discoveries for ourıunderstanding of humanity.ıIncludes laboratory.ı4 credits (VP)

ANTH-203  Human Adaptive Strategies (also Listed As ENVS 203)

Social scientific findings and ways ofıunderstanding humanity's place in nature and ourıcurrent ecological predicament; causes andıconsequences (environmental, demographic,ıeconomic, political, and cultural) of humankind'sıtransition from food foraging to Neolithic and nowıinductrial adaptive strategies; scientific, policyıand cultural implications and aspects of theseıchanges and interactions through case studies atıglobal, regional and local scales. $60 lab fee.ıOffered every spring.ı4 credits (IS or GP)

ANTH-254  Folklore and Mythology (also Listed As RELS 254)

Comparative anthropological study of traditionalıoral literature: myths, legends, folktales,ıriddles, proverbs, jokes. Dynamics of folklore,ıits creation, performance, and transmission;ıfunctions of folklore and myth in diverseıcultures, including the contemporary UnitedıStates.ı4 credits

ANTH-255  Museums: Objects & Artifacts

Introduction to the modern museum and museum work.ıHistorical context and types of museums.ıCollecting, interpreting, and preserving objectsıof artistic, cultural, and scientific value.ıField trips to museums and laboratory training inıassociation with the Linfield Anthropology Museum.ıIncludes laboratory.ı3 credits (CS)

ANTH-290  Plants and Society (also Listed As Biol 290)

An interdisciplinary study of past, present, andıfuture uses of plants, the products made fromıthem, the sociocultural contexts in which theıplants are used, their impact on development ofıhuman societies, and the impact of humans onıplantıpopulations worldwide. Four hours of lecture/weekıplus field trips. $60 lab fee. Prerequisites:ıBIOL 211, ANTH 111 or ENVS 203. Offered everyıspring.ı4 credits. (NW)

ANTH-326  Archaeological Field Methods

Theories and methods of archaeology. On-siteıtraining in methods of survey, excavation, lab-ıoratory analysis, and report writing. Integrationıof archaeological data within a larger anthropo-ılogical and environmental framework.ıPrerequisites: ANTH 112; SOAN 307 and 385.ıIncludes laboratory.ı5 credits (WI)

ANTH-340  Introduction To Linguistics (also Listed As MDLA 340)

Language in its broadest sense. Discussion ofıphonetics, sound laws, and the linguisticırelationship between English and other modernılanguages. Dialect geography, semantic change,ıbilingualism, and other topics. Study of theıcultural roots of the Western Indo-Europeanılanguage family. $5 per credit fee.ı3 credits

ANTH-341  Language & Culture

Anthropological study of the relationship betweenılanguage and culture, sociolinguistics (situatingılanguage in cultural context), and languageıpatterns that shape culture.ıPrequisite: 111 or ANTH/MDLA 340.ı4 credits (IS or GP)

ANTH-355  Museums: Exhibiting Cultures

Anthropology museums in their historical andısociological context. Critical examination ofıartifact collections, exhibits, and exhibitingıtheories as representative of cultural values andısocial conflicts. Museums and the politics ofıculture. Field trips to Northwest museums andıpreparation of Linfield Anthropology Museumıexhibits. $25 lab fee.ıPrerequisites: ANTH 111; 255 recommended.ıIncludes laboratory.ı4 credits (CS)

ANTH-410  Topics In Physical Anthropology and Archaeology

Field- and laboratory-based course with focus onısuch selected topics as primate studies, ancientıestuary environments, and archaeology of the HolyıLand. May be repeated once for credit withıdifferent content.ıPrerequisites: ANTH 112; SOAN 307 and 385.ıIncludes laboratory.ı4 credits

ANTH-411  Topics In Cultureal Anthropology and Linguistics

Senior level seminar focusing on key issues inısocio-cultural and linguistic anthropology, suchıas History of Consiousness, War and Peace,ıAnthropology of Conflict Resolution, Religion andıCulture. May be repeated once for credit.ıPrerequisites: ANTH 111; SOAN 307 and 385. MDLAı340 recommended.ı4 credits

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