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Sociology & Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology - Anthropology Courses

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ANTH-111  Cultural Anthropology

Anthropological study of culture and society; world cultures and their variation in social, political, and economic organization, belief systems and world view, material culture and the arts, patterns of adaptation. Assumptions, concepts, and methods of anthropologists. Prerequisite: freshman or sophomore standing or instructor consent. Prerequisite: freshman or sophomore standing or consent of instructor. 4 credits (IS or GP)

ANTH-112  Archaeology and World Prehistory With Lab

Survey of world socio-cultural evolution from the Lower Paleolithic through the Neolithic Transition to the rise of complex societies and agrarian state systems. What archaeologists have learned about the past and how they have learned it. Key issues and sites in prehistoric archaeology and the relevance of these discoveries for our understanding of humanity. 4 credits. (VP)

ANTH-341  Language & Culture

Anthropological study of the relationship between language and culture, sociolinguistics (situating language in cultural context), and language patterns that shape culture. Prerequisites: 111 or ANTH/MDLA 340. 4 credits (IS or GP)

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