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Critical Reflection Resources

Tips on Leading Reflection for Project Leaders

  1. Be subtle: Reflection after Make a Difference Day should be short and sweet. Sneak it in on the ride back to campus, on the walk back to campus, or in a few minutes before you disperse for the day.
  2. Keep it simple: Ask a quick question, go around the circle, sum it up and enjoy the rest of your day!
  3. Get everyone involved: Make sure everyone has a chance to respond to the question, but don't require everyone to answer if they are not comfortable.
  4. Silence is good: Allow participants to be silent or answer at their own leisure. 
  5. Thinking is Good: If you get students thinking, then you've done your job! Reflection continues long after the day of service and isn't always evident during the reflection session, so don't worry if students don't seem to be inspired.

Simple Reflection Activities

  1. Ask three simple questions: What? So What? Now What?
  2. Ask the participants the question: What will you remember about today?
  3. Ask participants to describe the day in one word.
  4. Have participants make a face that describes their day and explain how it describes the day
  5. More reflection activities

The Importance of Reflection

If you have facilitated reflection in the past and want to learn more about why reflection is important and how to do it better, check out the resources listed below.

Learn and Serve America Reflection Toolkit

Hands On Network Reflection Introduction