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Science Colloquium

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Science Colloquium Lecture Series

Science Colloquium Series is a semester long lecture series that offers everyone in the Linfield community the opportunity to learn about science across the traditional science disciplines of biology, chemistry, math, physics, and computer science. *Made possible in part by generous gifts from the Hearst Foundations. Sponsored by Linfield Physics Department.

Fall Series 2016*

In Partnership with Program for Liberal Arts and Civic Engagement (PLACE) theme: TBA
*NOTE: Day and location varies as the fall lecture series is partnerned with, and builds to, PLACE events. Refreshments will be available starting 15 min prior to events. Additional information on lectures and events will be added as they are scheduled. 


Thursday, February 18th |4:15pm| *Graf 100 (Science Colloquium Event)
Dr. William Fleeger, Linfield College
"Our Annual Crisis: Is U.S Wildfire Policy Sustainable?"
:Currently, 2015 was one of the worst fire seasons on record.  Nationally, over 9 million acres burned and seven lives and over a thousand structures were lost. Suppression costs exceeded $2 billion dollars.   But last year’s fire season is not unique.   According to the National Wildfire Leadership Council, the last two decades have seen a significant escalation of extreme fire behavior, structure and property losses, increased costs, risks to communities and deteriorating conditions on the land.  These trends suggest a need to rethink our response to this annual threat to communities and wildlands in the United States.  This presentation focuses on the historical development and evolution of wildfire policy in the U.S. and the barriers and opportunities for managing the complex and changing wildfire environment.
Biography:William (Bill) Fleeger Ph.D. is a Visiting Senior Scholar in Environmental Policy and Sustainability at Linfield College.  His research has focused on wildfire policy and federal agency and community collaboration in the development of community wildfire protection plans in the American west.  He is a native of southern Oregon and worked for nine years (occasionally as a wildland firefighter) with the U.S. Forest Service

Thursday Feburary 25th| 4:15pm| *Graf 100 (Science Colloquium Event)
Jonathan Cohen, Imagine Energy LLC
"HVAC and solar energy, residential and commercial"

Tuesday March 1st |7pm| *Ice Auditorium
Oceanography film festival and panel discussion

Thursday March 3rd |4:15pm| *Graf 100 (Science Colloquium Event)
Roger Diehl, JPL
"New Horizons mission to Pluto"

Thursday Mar 10th |4:15pm| *Graf 100 (Science Colloquium Event)
Susie Crate
"Impact of global warming on traditional Siberian peoples"

Thursday Mar 31st |4:15pm| *Graf 100 (Science Colloquium Event)
Rakshya Khatiwada, University of Washington
"dark matter—ADMX project"

Thursday Apr 7th |4:15pm| *Graf 100 (Science Colloquium Event)
Terry McGlynn
"Ants and science communication/blogging"

Thursday Apr 14: TBA

Apr 21 Earth week; no invited speaker for science colloquium (note: Josh Howe will speak about the history/politics of climate change on Apr 21, 4:30 pm)

Thursday Apr 28th |4:15pm| *Graf 100 (Science Colloquium Event)
Chris Gough
"Carbon sequestration, forests"

Thursday May 5th  TBA

Monday May 9th |7:30pm| *Ice Auditorium (JDC Lecture)
Susan Prichard
"Fire ecology"

Thursday May 12th: TBA