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Competitive Scholarship Winners Since 1991

Dates are year scholarship was announced (in most, but not all, cases this is year scholarship was begun)

Austrian Government Teaching Assistantship:

2007 Jason Tashea
2008 Daniel Clausen
2008 Ryan Jones
2010 Alexandrea Chaney

Boren (NSEP)

2010 Leah Sedy

Deutscher akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)

2010 Eleanor (Nelly) Evans
2013 Jasper Erickson (RISE internship)

French Government Teaching Assistantship:

2000 Aimie Trumbly (applied through Fulbright)
2001 Whitney Schubert (applied through Fulbright)
2003 Joelle Tybon (applied through Fulbright)
2004 Erin Annis (applied through Fulbright)
2004 Leanna Prax
2005 Emily Hauer
2006 Robin Cangie
2006 Julia McDonnell
2006 Brett Shearer
2009 Zach Mitlas
2009 Lindsay Gardner
2010 Kate Barrett
2010 Emily Kaltenbach
2010 Kathleen Lafrance
2011 Arminda Gandara
2011 Isaac Mc-Swane-Mock
2011 Ansley Clark
2011 Julie Henjum
2011 Chang Jie
2012 Ethan Trachtenberg


Recent Winners
Panel of Past Linfield Fulbright Scholars

1999 Angela Jamison (full grant to Nicaragua)
2000 Staci Bryson (teaching assistantship to Germany)
2000 Seth Otto (full grant to Bolivia)
2001 Lynsey Farrell (full grant to Kenya)
2001 Melissa Koosmann (combined grant and teaching assistantship to Austria)
2003 Paul Beck (full grant to Germany)
2003 Jennifer Cregg (teaching assistantship to Germany)
2003 Sarah Monfort (full grant to Croatia)
2005 Alexis Lien (combined grant and teaching assistantship to Austria)
2005 Maria Davis (full grant to Iceland)
2006 Holly Brause (teaching assistantship to Uruguay)
2006 Rachyl Stupor (teaching assistantship to Chile)
2006 Kari Blankenship (Arab language initiative and full grant to Tunisia)
2007 Julia Back (full grant to Australia)
2007 Ryan Jones (combined grant and teaching assistantship to Austria)
2008 Martin Bode (full grant to Germany)
2010 Krista Foltz (full grant to Chile)
2010 Ashley Bennett (teaching assistantship to Germany)  
2010 Brett Tolman (teaching assistantship to Sri Lanka)
2010 Lilian (Lily) Niland (full grant to Peru)
2011 Craig Geffre (teaching assistantship to Thailand)
2011 Jade Severson (teaching assistantship to Germany)
2012 Gregory Larson (teaching assistantship to the Dominican Republic)
2012 Christopher Norman, Linfield 2010 (teaching assistantship to Germany)
2013 Gabrielle Nygaard (teaching assistantship to South Korea)
2014 Ariana Lipkind (combined grant and teaching assistantship to Austria)

Fulbright Awards to students who graduated from Linfield but applied as graduate students or “at large” candidates

2004-05 Kamila Larippa Linfield ‘01 (full grant to Switzerland; UC Davis)
2005-06 Robert Jansen Linfield '99 (full grant to Peru; UCLA)
2010-11 Kate Peterson  Linfield '09 (English TA in Greece; at large candidate)
2013-14 Keith Welch, Linfield 2012 (teaching assistantship to Germany)

Fulbright Summer Institute Participant

2012 Clara Martinez (Wales)


2010 Kelli Brooks (Japan)  
2010 Emanuel Makkedah-Satori (Costa Rica)  
2010 Cassie Kwon (Japan)
2010 Michele Wong (Hong Kong)
2011 Mary Cavaghan
2011 Chandler Harrison

Barry Goldwater

1991 DeOna Hagedorn
1995 Michelle Crowder
1997 Robin Hayes
2014 Finn McMichael (Honorable Mention)

Kemper Scholarship

2011 Ryan (Blake) Densley
2011 Joe Gladow
2012 Cody Purchase
2012 Terran Sobel-Smith
2013 Eric Lawson
2014 Tatum Chidlaw

Knowles Science Teaching Fellowship

2009 Matthew McCollum

Spanish Government Teaching Assistantship

Rebecca (Becca) Willams (2010)
Linnaea Cunha (2010)
Jennifer Sacklin (2010)
Katelyn Krygowski (2010)
Denisse Chacon (2011)
Nicholas Hahn (2012)

Teach for America

1997 Heather Thompson
2010 Nadia Abraibesh


2010 David Kellner-Rode