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Leadership Opportunities

A Linfield RA volunteers her time at a community trick-or-treat event
     RA Katie Corp at Linfield's community Trick-or-Treat

Looking to make a difference on campus? Residence Life offers a variety of ways for students to get involved, to strengthen the Linfield community and to have some fun with the following leadership opportunities:

  • Resident Advisor
  • Resident Life Assistant
  • Peer Conduct Board
  • Residence Hall Association
  • Hall President
  • Green Chair
  • Wellness Chair
  • Birthday Chair

Become a part of Residence Life Staff

The Linfield College Residence Life Staff consists of student leaders in the positions of Resident Advisor and Residence Life Assistants. 

Resident Advisors (RAs)

RAs are live-in students assigned with the duty of building and supporting safe living learning communities. Students in this position are charged with helping to create community within the residence halls and College apartments and houses. Each January Term and Spring Semester, the RA Training Class is offered for students interested in applying for one of these positions. The hiring process occurs in the Spring Semester for contracts beginning the following Fall. Students are strongly encouraged to have completed the RA Training Class, lived in the residence halls for at least a semester and maintain a good GPA in order to be eligible for a staff position. Applications for RA positions will be avaliable on Cat Connect in Early October. More Information is avalaible under "Interested in Becoming an RA?"

Residence Life Assistants (RLAs)

RLAs are paraprofessionals who support the Residence Life staff. RLAs live in campus housing and must have served as a Resident Advisor for a minimum of one year. There are four RLAs, each with a different focus: Housing, Programming Development, Leadership Development, and Community Relations.

Peer Conduct Board

The Peer Conduct Board is a peer review board made up of representatives from each of the residence halls. The purpose of the Board is for students to be held accountable for their actions by their peers. The Members of the Peer Conduct Board apply for their position early in the fall semester and serve for one year on the Board, unless they move out of the residence halls. Each member will serve on the Board for one night a week on a rotating basis (which equals about four hearing days total per semester).

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

RHA consists of a group of students who promote community and act as a collective voice for residents living in campus housing. While the structure of RHA is like a student government, the Council members work more as an intermediary between the students and the College rather than a governing body. Positions include Hall Presidents, Wellness Chairs, Green Chairs, Birthday Chairs, and Senators for Residence Life.

RHA positions have a shared application, due Wednesday, September 4th, which is avaiable on Cat Connect. RHA members will be selected and announced Friday, September 6th and a welcome meeting for all positions will be held Monday, September 9th.

How To Apply

  1. Login to Cat Connect
  2. Search for “Residence Hall Association” or “RHA” (alternately, search for “Campus Leadership” under Position type)
  3. Download, complete, and upload the Shared “Application for RHA leadership” as well as a Resume
  4. Submit application

Hall Presidents - Residence Housing Executive Council

The Hall Presidents comprise the Residence Housing Executive Council (RHEC). This council is lead by the Residence Life Assistant for Leadership Development. RHEC plans monthly programs that encompass all members of campus housing and surrounding community. Some of the programs that the RHEC sponsor include Holiday Decorating Contests, a community Easter Egg Hunt, shamrock scramble and Trick or Treating for McMinnville community children.

Green Chairs

As Linfield continues to promote sustainabile living through college-wide initiatives, the Green Chair is an important touchstone and resource in each hall. Green Chairs work with the College Sustainability Coordinator to educate and encourage earth-friendly decisions and activities, such as recycling, resource concervation, and celebrating Earth Week.

Wellness Chairs

These members encourage and promote health and wellness issues in their communities throughout the year. Working with the College Wellness Coordinator, this group of leaders focuses on providing useful information and programming for each Residence Hall.

Birthday Chairs

Birthday chairs are responsible for recognizing and coordination the celebration of birthdays in their hall. Chairs will work with the RLA for Leadership Development and the RAs in their hall to put on programs.

ASLC Senate

Senators represent their community at meetings of the Associated Students of Linfield College and help plan a variety off programs for campus. Senators also serve on one of ASLC's standing committees:

  • Club Support & Finance Committee
  • Senate Governance Committee
  • Campus Improvement Committee
  • Campus Liason Committee