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Institutional Surveys

The Office of Institutional Research conducts a regular cycle of national surveys to support institutional assessment and planning.  Aggregated results of these surveys are available to the Linfield community in the Institutional Data folder on Catfiles (look for a folder with a name similar to the name of the survey).


 Frequency  Last Administration
(Academic Year)
 Next Administration
(Academic Year)
 Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory
 (All Linfield Students.  Students in the Adult Degree Program receive the Priorities Survey for Online Learners)
 Every 3 years  2012-2013  2015-2016 (spring)
 Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement
 (Entering First Time Freshman, McMinnville Campus)

 Every 3 years  2010-2011  2013-2014 (early fall)

 National Survey of Student Engagement
 (First Year Students & Seniors, all Linfield)

 Every 3 years  2010-2011 March-April 2014
Graduating Senior Survey (Linfield-only survey)
 (Graduating Seniors, all Linfield)

 Annual  2012-2013  2013-2014
 HEDS Research Practices
 (First Year Students & Seniors)

 Every 3 years 2013-2014  2016-2017

 Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) Faculty
 (All Faculty, Resident & Adjunct)

 Every 3 years  2010-2011  2013-2014
 Faculty Survey of Student Engagement
 (All Full time & Part Time Faculty)

 Every 3 years,
year following NSSE
 2011-2012  2014-2015
 HEDS Alumni Survey

Varies  2012-2013  TBA
(tentatively 2013-2014)
 NASPA Resident Assessment
 (All students in residence life, administered by Student Affairs)

 Every 3 years  2011-2012  2014-2015

 Admitted Student Questionnaire
 (All admitted students, administered by Office of Admission)

 Varies  2012-2013 TBA