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Members of the Linfield community (faculty, staff, students) may log in to access the Linfield College Fact Book on Catfiles (Institutional -> Institutional Data -> FACT BOOKS).  You may download the entire Fact Book as one document or click on the links below for individual sections.

Organizational Charts
Academic Calendars
2014-2015 Fast Facts (Frequently Asked Questions)


Admission, McMinnville Campus
About the Incoming class, First-time, First Year, McMinnville campus
About the Incoming class, Transfers, McMinnville campus
Admission, Portland Campus
Admission, Adult Degree Program

Enrollment & Retention

Retention & Graduation, McMinnville Campus
Retention & Graduation, Portland Campus
Retention & Graduation, Adult Degree Program includes RN to BSN
Fall Semester Enrollment
Fall Semester Enrollment by Full or Part-time, Degree or non-degree; gender
Full Year Enrolled Student  Headcount
Full Year Enrolled Student Credits

Financial Aid

Financial Aid, McMinnville Campus
Financial Aid, Portland Campus
Financial Aid, Adult Degree Program

Student Body

Student Body Overview
Student Gender and Race/Ethnicity
Age Distribution
Students by Place of Home Residence
Oregon Student Enrollment by County
Participation in Intercollegiate Athletics, McMinnville Campus
Students in College-Managed Housing, McMinnville Campus

Faculty and Staff

Faculty & Staff Headcount, FTE
FTE Faculty, by department
Faculty & Administrative Staffing
Faculty by Rank & Tenure
Faculty by Rank & Gender
Faculty: Highest Degree and Where Earned
Faculty Age Distribution
Average Faculty Compensation
Faculty Salary Schedules

Academic Program

Majors, Minors & Certificates of Students Enrolled Each Fall
Participation in International Programs
Fall Enrollment by Student Type
Student Credits and Faculty Load Units
Operating Budget
Class Size
Class Size by Department, McMinnville campus


Students Completing Bachelor's Degrees: Majors, Minors & Certificates
Students Completing Bachelor's Degrees, Gender and Ethnicity
Debt Acquired by Graduates while at Linfield
Where Alumni Live


Operating Budget, Revenues & Expenditures
Tuition, Fee, Room and Board Comparisons
Donations by Source and Purpose
Comparison of Enrollment FTE with Financial FTE
Endowment History

Grounds & Facilities

Linfield Owned Facilities