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Religious Studies

Religious Studies Courses

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RELS-110  Approaches To Religion

Introductory course in the academic study of religion. Required for majors and minors. 4 credits. (UQ or GP)

RELS-111  Judaism, Christianity & Islam

Introduction to the academic study of the three main Abrahamic religions. Themes include historical and contemporary interrelations among Muslims, Christians and Jews; their core beliefs and practices; sacred literature; gender and the body. 4 credits. (UQ or GP)

RELS-130  New Testament

Literature of the New Testament: its form, content, historical development, and interpretation. 4 credits. (UQ or VP)

RELS-230  Religious Thinkers

Exposition of contemporary theologians through primary reading sources. 4 credits. (UQ)

RELS-310  History of Religion of The Middle East (also Listed As HIST 310)

Prominent periods and events in the formation and development of the three major religious traditions of the Middle East: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Historical context, the prophet, conquest and empire, crisis and disaster, Holy Text. Prerequisite: sophomore standing or higher. 4 credits. (UQ or VP or GP)

RELS-320  Pilgrimages: Sacred Journeys

A study of the role and practices of pilgrimages in major religious traditions. Exploration of symbolic pilgrimages including the use of labyrinths. Relevance for personal practice and sacred journeys. 4 credits. (UQ or GP)

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