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Application for Graduation - Instructions for Completing the Degree Application Process

Every student must apply for graduation. This is a two-step process for McMinnville campus students. Portland and Online students need only complete step one.

Step-One: Complete the On-line Application for Graduation

  1. Log into WebAdvisor and under "Academic Profile", choose "Application for Graduation".
  2. Review your program. Please Note: Degree Programs include all majors and minors that you have officially declared. Make sure that your degree (BA, BS or BSN) is correct and that all of your majors and minors are listed (and there are no extras that you declared but are no longer pursuing). If anything in your program does not completely agree with your intent, STOP here and email the Registrar’s Office at and make sure that everything is correct before you complete the online application.
  3. Select the check box beside the degree program for which you wish to apply to graduate. Very few students have more than one program.(Two majors is not the same as two degrees-you must have at least 160 credits to get two degrees.) If you are pursing two degrees, you must apply for both (separately). You can apply to take the degrees at different times.
  4. Complete the application information requested:
    1. Name on diploma – this is the name that will be printed on your diploma and in the commencement program. This is also the name that will be read at commencement. This field has been pre-populated with your preferred name in our records. The preferred name in our system includes the prefix (e.g.: Mr., Ms., Etc.), so the first thing to do is delete this. Then, if you would like to have a variation of your name, please change it in this screen. For example, if your name is Jane Elizabeth Doe, you might want your diploma to read 'Jane Doe' or 'Jane E. Doe' or 'J. Elizabeth Doe' or 'Liz Doe', etc... If your name has any special characters (e.g.: á, ä, or ñ), enter the closest thing using the standard keyboard and then come see the Registrar to ensure that the proper coding is used.
    2. Diploma Mailing Address – this field has been pre-populated with your home address from our records. Linfield will be using this information only to collect your “Hometown” information for the Commencement Program. If we need to mail your diploma to you, we will ask for a current address at the time we are preparing the mail. Please delete the address lines (make them blank). Domestic students should list the city and state that they want listed as their hometown in the program and delete the zip code field and leave the county blank (do not enter US). International students should list the city and country that they want listed as their hometown in the program and delete the state and zip code. For the country codes, Linfield is in the process of updating these, so please ignore the 2-letter code and select your country based the name listed.
    3. Anticipated Graduation Term – this is the term that you expect to be completing all degree requirements, not necessarily when you will be participating in commencement. Please choose the appropriate term from the drop down menu.
    4. Program Completion Date— please leave this field empty.
    5. Commencement Site—choose “Linfield Oak Grove”.
    6. Commencement Date
      • Linfield has one commencement ceremony at the end of spring semester. Eligibility to participate is as follows: 1) Students who are completing all requirements in spring, 2) Students who have already completed all requirements the preceding summer, fall, or Jan/winter, or 3) Students have successfully petitioned to participate prior to completing because they are within 6 credits of completing all requirements. Petitions to participate are not available until Wildcat Windup in March.
      • Enter either 05/28/17 or 05/27/18.
    7. Email address—enter/confirm your Linfield email address, this is where your commencement communications will be sent.
    8. Application fee—All students will be charged a $150 graduation fee as per the catalog. .
    9. Click the “Submit” button

Step-Two (McMinnville Campus Students only): Submit a signed program evaluation to the Registrar’s Office—You are required to get the signatures of your advisor and the department chair of each of your majors and minors.

  1. Go to WebAdvisor, and under the "Academic Profile" choose the “Program Evaluation” link.
  2. Select the check box beside the degree program for which you wish to apply to graduate. Please Note: Degree Programs include all majors and minors that you have officially declared. If any majors or minors are missing or are still included when you no longer plan to complete them, please email the Registrar's Office ( and verify that the degree program has the correct major(s) and minor(s) before completing this Program Evaluation.
  3. There is no need to change anything else on this page. The "what if I changed my program of study" link is designed to offer students a comparison of how their courses would be applied under a different program. This option is not intended for use during the graduation application process.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. A new web page will display your Academic Evaluation or “degree audit”.
  6. Print this page.
  7. It will also be helpful to print an unofficial transcript from WebAdvisor to review with your advisor and Department Chair(s).
  8. After printing out your “Program Evaluation” on WebAdvisor, please make an appointment with your advisor and the appropriate Department Chair(s) to review and sign your “Program Evaluation”.
    Please note:
    • If you need courses moved around to fulfill LC requirements, make a note and the Registrar’s Office will make the changes. Remember, any single course can only fulfil one LC, only 2 courses from any department can be used to fulfill LC requirements, and the Upper Division MOI must be from outside your major department.
    • If you are not already pre-registered for a course that will fulfill a requirement, please write in the course number of the course(s) you intend to take and the semester(s) in which you plan to take the course.
    • If your department chair has approved any changes or substitutions, your advisor or Department Chair should write the changes on the evaluation next to the unfulfilled requirement and the Department Chair needs to sign beside each change or substitution. This will allow us to make the changes in our system such that the requirement will be listed correctly.
  9. Please bring your signed “Program Evaluation” to the Registrar’s office.

The deadlines for submitting your application and signed Program Evaluation are as follows:

  • If you plan to take your degree in Fall 2016, January 2017, Spring 2017, or Summer 2017, please submit your online Application for graduation as soon as possible. We will be reviewing your requirements in the order that the signed program evaluations are received. The deadline for submission of the signed program evaluations is September 9th. These deadlines help your advisor, department chairs and Registrar’s Office help you make sure that you will have all requirements completed for graduation. This is your responsibility, but we try to help.

For questions, please email

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