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Sex, Sanctity, Pwer: Medvl Womn Sex, Sanctity, and Power: Writing Medieval Women

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Women in the Middle Ages are often imagined as powerless and voiceless, either as idealized objects of desire or as absent from the literary and political landscape. But does medieval literature reflect this stereotype? How are women represented in medieval literature; and when they write, how do women represent themselves? In this course we will read texts written by medieval women on a wide range of topics from political activism, philosophy, and social satire, to the spiritual life and sexuality. We will also read texts written about women, including selections from the blockbuster romances and satires of the late Middle Ages. Through discussions, short writings, class presentations, and formal papers we will discover how medieval women were "written" from others' perspectives and how they close to "write" themselves.

Instructor: Jamie Friedman
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Course Type: LEC
Location: TAYH 105
Time: 11:00AM- 12:40PM  MW