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From Beats to the Beatles

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Throughout the 1960s, as the lines between the personal and the political became increasingly blurred, the lines between the nation's artists and activists began to blur as well. By the end of the decade, writers like Allen Ginsberg, Hunter S. Thompson, and Anne Sexton were as famous for their political activism and their personal escapades as they were for their writing. Indeed, it is impossible to fully understand the decade's literature without understanding its activism, and vice versa. The best way of understanding the 1960s is to bear these paradoxes in mind: democracy and separatism; personal and political; art and activism. And this will be the basic method for this course: to write our way to understanding how social movements inform and are informed by literature, song, and oratory.

Instructor: Joe Wilkins
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Location: DAYH 219
Time: 2:55PM- 4:35PM  TTh