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Course Detail


Subject: SOAN
Catalog Number: 486
Registration Number: 9283
Description: Capstone course for graduating seniors focusing onthe practice of sociology and anthropology. Workincludes preparation of portfolios, self-assessment on the meeting of departmental goals,research into graduate school opportunities andother career options, organization of SOAN Tables,teaching in other classes and public presenta-tions, discussion of the relationship betweensocial theory and practice and independenttheoretical readings.Prerequisites: SOCL 101 or ANTH 111; SOAN 385, andsenior standing or consent of instructor.Offered fall, spring.4 credits (2 per semester/see SOAN 485)
Location: WALH 202
Times: 10:05AM- 11:45AM  TTh
Instructor: Robert Gardner
Is consent of Instructor Required? No
Course Type: LEC
Students Registered: 9
Seats Available:11