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Course Detail


Subject: PSYC
Catalog Number: 493
Registration Number: 9198
Description: Collaborative research experience in abnormal and/or developmental psychology. Discussion of research literature, refinement and implementation of a specific research idea or proposal previously developed in PSYC 381 or 386, or application of research methods skills learned in PSYC 250, and practice in interpreting and presenting data. Project developed in close consultation with the professor, providing students with hands-on experiential learning about conducting research. research projects may involve independent or team investigations. Prerequisites: 281 and 381, or 286 and 386, or consent of instructor. Typically offered fall and spring. 4 credits. (EL)
Location: TAYH 102
Times: 12:45PM- 02:25PM  TTh
Instructor: Tanya Tompkins
Is consent of Instructor Required? No
Course Type: LEC
Students Registered: 4
Seats Available:11