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Course Detail


Subject: PHIL
Catalog Number: 470
Registration Number: 9124
Description: Examination of issues arising when we think philosophically about the mind, with consideration of advances in neurosciene, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence. Questions include: what is (the concept of a mind)?, what counts as a thinking being?, what is consciousness?, could a robot or computer ever be considered a person? Topics include dualism, materialism, the nature of consciousness, the nature of thought, and others. Prerequisite: One previous course in philosophy or consent of instructor. Offered fall of odd-numbered years. 4 credits (UQ)
Location: DAYH 219
Times: 03:15PM- 04:30PM  MW
06:00PM- 07:00PM  T
Instructor: Jesus Ilundain
Is consent of Instructor Required? No
Course Type: LEC
Students Registered: 16
Seats Available: