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Course Detail


Subject: HHPA
Catalog Number: 341
Registration Number: 8459
Description: The course is designed to enhance the student'sunderstanding of the laws and principles ofphysiology as they relate to physical activity andtraining of the human body. The student will beable to: define the specialized terminologyinherent in this field; develop a general schemefor the physiological analysis and training ofhuman movement and describe the interrelationshipsamong the principles, laws, and theories whichserved to enhance human movement and health from aphysiological perspective.Prerequisite: BIOL 213.Offered fall.3 credits (NW)
Location: HHPA 112
Times: 10:45AM- 12:00PM  MW
Instructor: Sarah Coste
Is consent of Instructor Required? No
Course Type: LEC
Students Registered: 10
Seats Available:15