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Course Detail


Subject: COMP
Catalog Number: 260
Registration Number: 8174
Description: Information systems design and implementationwithin a database management system environment.Topics include conceptual, logical, and physicaldata models and modeling tools; mapping conceptualschema to relational schema, entityand referential integrity, relational algebra andrelational calculus. Database query languages[Structured Query Language (SQL)]. Relationaldatabase design, transaction processing, andphysical database design (storage and filestructures). Database implementation, includinguse interface and reports. $30 lab fee.Prerequisite: COMP 160 or 152.Offered fall.3 credits
Comments: $30 fee
Location: RENH 211
Times: 10:45AM- 11:35AM  MWF
Instructor: Martin Dwomoh-Tweneboah
Is consent of Instructor Required? No
Course Type: LEC
Students Registered: 13
Seats Available:17