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Course Detail


Subject: MLFR
Catalog Number: 301
Registration Number: 8156
Description: Guided practice in expository and narrativewriting as well as in aural comprehension ofFrancophone films and documentaries. Discussion of a variety of cultural topics based onselections from various Francophone countries.Speaking and writing practice involvingdescribing, comparing, hypothesizing, supportingopinions, and functioning in unfamiliarsituations. Review of grammar as a tool to improve writing. May be repeated once forcredit with a different instructor and content.$5/credit fee. ACTFL target: Intermediate High.Prerequisite: a grade of C or better in 202 orplacement test. Offered fall. 4 credits. (GP, MWI)
Comments: $5/cr fee
Location: WALH 301
Times: 02:00PM- 02:50PM  MWThF
Instructor: Thierry Durand
Is consent of Instructor Required? No
Course Type: LEC
Students Registered: 9
Seats Available:11