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Course Detail


Subject: PHIL
Catalog Number: 180
Registration Number: 7983
Description: General introduction to Western ethical philosophywith a focus on the application of ethical theoryto contemporary moral issues. Through anexamination of classic and contemporary readingsstudents will gain a working familiarity withcentral theories, issues, and moral dilemmas inethics. Some comparative work in Non-westernand/or divergent U.S. ethical traditions. Issuesin both normative and metaethics will be examined,including: the problems of relativism andskepticism; the nature and limits of moralobligations to others; religion and ethics; andethical analysis applied to social and politicalissues relevant to the 21st century in U.S. life.4 credits (UQ or US)
Location: DAYH 222
Times: 02:35PM- 04:15PM  MW
Instructor: Kaarina Beam
Is consent of Instructor Required? No
Course Type: LEC
Students Registered: 29
Seats Available: