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Course Detail


Subject: MLFR
Catalog Number: 201
Registration Number: 7875
Description: Review of skills and structures described in 101and 102. Emphasis on building a large practicalvocabulary and on using it to describe andnarrate. Reading and aural exercises that includeauthentic materials; writing exercises thatinclude narration, exposition and dialogue.Preparation for living for an extended period ina French-speaking culture. Four class hours perweek. $5 per credit feel ACTFL target: Intermediate Mid. Prerequisite: a grade of C orbetter in 102 or 105, or a placement test.Offered fall.4 credits
Comments: $5/cr fee
Location: WALH 302
Times: 02:00PM- 02:50PM  MTWTh
Instructor: Marie Noussi
Is consent of Instructor Required? No
Course Type: LEC
Students Registered: 12
Seats Available:13