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Subject: CHEM
Catalog Number: 361
Registration Number: 7712
Description: Chemical thermodynamics, kinetics and molecularspectroscopy. Applications includingthermochemistry and calorimetry; bulk propertiesof pure substances; methods of describing theproperties of solutions; reaction rates;mechanisms of chemical reactions; transitionstatetheory; spectroscopic determination of molecularstructore. Lecture/lab.Prerequisites: 211 or equivalent; PHYS 211 (maybetaken concurrently); MATH 175; or consent ofinstructor. Recommended: MATH 200. Offered fall.4 credits.
Location: GRAF 109
Times: 12:45PM- 01:50PM  MWF
Instructor: Brian Gilbert
Is consent of Instructor Required? No
Course Type: LEC
Students Registered: 18
Seats Available:CLOSED