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Course Detail


Subject: SOAN
Catalog Number: 221
Registration Number: 7081
Description: Examines religion and religious belief as a socialphenomenon. Focuses on the relationship betweensociety and religion, and the role that religionplays in individuals' lives, with specialemphasis on the larger social and cultural contextof religious belief and expression in the UnitedStates. Topics to be considered include: beliefand its institutionalization, religion as a socialform, forms of religious organization, religionand social change, politics and religion,fundamentalism, religion in popular culture,secularization, and the shifting boundaries ofreligious and non-religious activity.4 credits (IS or UQ)
Location: WALH 220
Times: 12:45PM- 02:25PM  MW
Instructor: Hillary Crane
Is consent of Instructor Required? No
Course Type: LEC
Students Registered: 21
Seats Available: