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Subject: PHIL
Catalog Number: 460
Registration Number: 6974
Description: Examination of the historical emergence and natureof classical U.S. American Philosophies, includingPuritanism, Transcendentalism, and Pragmatism,with concentration on American Pragmatism. Primarysource readings include contemporary Americanperspectives, including one or more of thefollowing: Neo-Pragmatist, Native American,African American, and/or Latin Americanperspectives.Prerequisite: at least one lower level philosophycourse or consent of instructor.Offered spring of odd-numbered years.4 credits (UQ or US)
Location: DAYH 222
Times: 02:35PM- 04:15PM  TTh
Instructor: Kaarina Beam
Is consent of Instructor Required? No
Course Type: LEC
Students Registered: 12
Seats Available:13