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Course Detail


Subject: PHIL
Catalog Number: 270
Registration Number: 6973
Description: Examination of educational philosophies operativein and/or relevant to the U.S. educationaltradition. Designed to bring into focus the oftenunexamined ways in which educational goals,policies, procedures, methods, etc. are foundedupon particular conceptions of the nature,purpose, and interrelations of human beings.Primary source readings are utilized to criticallyinterrogate selected educational theories,practices, and outcomes through an examination ofthe philosophical and cultural assumptions andpractices of their respective theorists andpractitioners.Offered spring semester of odd-numbered years.4 credits (UQ or US)
Location: TAYH 201
Times: 10:05AM- 11:45AM  TTh
Instructor: Kaarina Beam
Is consent of Instructor Required? No
Course Type: LEC
Students Registered: 30
Seats Available: