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Course Detail


Subject: ENVS
Catalog Number: 380
Registration Number: 6742
Description: Investigation into scientific, social, andpolitical factors that affect species diversity.Includes examination of population biology,ecology, and evolution in relation to theemergence, extinction, and preservation ofspecifies. Explores the role of the scientist insociety with consideration of the history ofscience, the history of the environmentalmovement, environmental ethics, and politics.Lecture and laboratory. $60 lab fee.Prerequisite: 201 or BIOL 210. Offered spring ofodd-numbered years. 4 credits.
Comments: $60 fee
Location: RENH 206
Times: 10:45AM- 12:00PM  MW
Instructor: Nancy Broshot, Barbara Van Ness
Is consent of Instructor Required? No
Course Type: LEC
Students Registered: 10
Seats Available:10