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1/1/2007 Where are they now? Bonnie Meyer and Paul Howard


Between volunteer work, caring for two homes and maintaining longtime friendships, Bonnie Meyer's retirement schedule leaves little room for downtime.

Meyer, professor emeritus of education who taught at Linfield from 1957 to 1992, is still teaching, though now in a volunteer capacity. She spends part of one day a week at Cook Elementary School as a volunteer with the Start Making a Reader Today program.

"I enjoy children," she said. "It's fun being with them because they bring me down to reality. The other day a little boy asked me, 'Would you mind not helping me unless I ask for it?'"

She and her husband, John, spend most weekends at their three-generation filbert farm in the Dundee hills, and weekdays at their Hillside Manor residence where they attend daily exercise classes and a variety of other activities.

"There's so much going on at Hillside," she said. "We can't go to everything. We'd be worn out. It's an active community."

Meyer also volunteers in the Newberg Community Thrift Shop, which raises funds for community organizations such as the library, fire and police. She is an active member of the Methodist Church of Dundee as well.

Though Meyer officially retired from Linfield in 1992, she returned for two years to supervise student teachers in local schools and she's maintained her Linfield connections ever since. Each Friday she has lunch with former Linfield colleagues. What's more, she and John attend lectures and events on campus.

Meyer said she has many fond memories of her years at Linfield, all centered around people -- a capable staff and top notch students. She said local principals would often call her asking for recommendations about Linfield graduates.

"If I sent someone out, they were hired," she recalled. "That was always fun to see students go on. I enjoyed knowing the students so well and being aware of their academic and personal accomplishments.

"It was exciting to see them come in as freshman and mature," she said. "There was tremendous satisfaction in that. It seemed to me we attracted a high caliber student. They were really excellent young people."


Paul Howard, professor emeritus of sociology, has never been one to contain his exuberance for teaching.

In fact, during his 27-year tenure on the Linfield College faculty, he had a hard time confining his lectures to his Linfield classrooms. Howard, who taught a number of classes over the years including People and Cultures of the Pacific, a January Term course set in Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand and Tahiti, could often be found teaching the course on the open seas.

During his time off from teaching at Linfield, Howard frequently lectured on cruise lines. He continued to teach at sea after retiring from Linfield in 1992 and to date, he has lectured on over 100 different cruises to locations around the world. Topics usually focus on the culture and social life of the various ports.

Soon after arriving at Linfield, Howard began the junior year abroad program, which became the international studies program at Linfield.

In addition to lecturing on cruises, Howard has remained active on the Linfield campus since his retirement, contributing to a committee that planned the annual Philosophy Department lecture series.

Howard and his wife, Mickey, have been members of the McMinnville First Baptist Church for 42 years. Until recently, Howard volunteered with the Local Public Safety Coordinating Council.

Howard has remained in contact with a number of former Linfield students and he is quick to share fond memories of students and colleagues, including Stan Towner, chairman of the Sociology Department, with whom he worked for many years.

"He was a wonderful prince of a man," Howard said. "I have many fine memories of Linfield."