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8/1/2006 Where are they now? Drannan Hamby and Doug Cruikshank

If you're hiking in Oregon's scenic backcountry, don't be surprised if you bump into two of Linfield College's best known outdoorsmen. Drannan Hamby '55, professor emeritus of chemistry and physics, and Doug Cruikshank, professor emeritus of education, can still be found out in the wilderness.

For many years, the two taught an Outdoor Environmental Studies course based at Lincabin during January Term. They continue to camp together each winter and summer and in August hiked along the South Imnaha River in Oregon's Wallowa Mountains. Some recent winter trips have included a traverse of Newberry Caldera and the high Central Oregon Cascades. Other summer trips have included a trek from the "metropolis" of Fields, Ore., to Denio, Nev. "Doug's cooking just keeps getting better!!" Hamby writes.

Cruikshank, who still makes McMinnville his home, is also serving on the Sesquicentennial Planning Committee for Linfield, building homes for Habitat for Humanity, traveling and visiting grandchildren. He is writing a book that tells the story of the outdoor course he and Hamby taught. The story is told through journal entries he and the students kept during several years of the course.

Hamby, who makes his home in Bend, volunteers with the Mt. Bachelor Ski Patrol about 40 days per year, with about the same number spent skiing for fun. He is also the first aid coordinator for the patrol, supervising the teaching of first aid to all new patrollers each year as well as the refresher first aid course for all patrollers in the fall.

During the summer, he volunteers with the U.S. Forest Services, working as an interpretive speaker and presenting programs at Mt. Bachelor two days a week.

And in retirement Hamby has finally found an opportunity to be a football coach. He has coached at Hartman Middle School since retiring and this fall he is coaching the eighth graders at the new Redmond Middle School. There he gets to work with his son, Mark '76, who teaches social studies and coaches at the school.