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7/7/2009 Linfield faculty pen books

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Seeng the Big Picture: A Cinematic Approach to Understanding Cultures in America 

Sandra Lee, professor of English as a second language, and Ellen Summerfield, former director of international programs, introduce readers to eight American subcultures. University of Michigan Press


Signs of Peace: The Interfaith Letters of Thomas Merton

Bill Apel, professor of religion, along with Paul Pearson, wrote this book containing personal letters between Thomas Merton and faith leaders from around the globe. Orbis Books


Economics of Intercollegiate Sports

Randy Grant, professor of economics, along with John Leadley and Zenon Zygmont, provides a look at intercollegiate sports in this sports economics text, designed to teach undergraduate students about the college sports industry in the United States. World Scientific Publishing Company


Telling Political Lives: The Rhetorical Autobiographies of Women Leaders in the United States

Brenda DeVore Marshall, professor of theatre and communication arts, along with Molly Mayhead, demonstrates the ways in which the autobiographies of U.S. women leaders provide arguments that both reveal and shape perceptions of politics, empowerment and ideology in the United States. Lexington Books


Reading Wittgenstein

Brian Winkenweder, assistant professor of art history, examines internationally acclaimed artist Robert Morris and the influence of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. The book is targeted to those studying contemporary art with a focus on the overlap between philosophy and the visual arts. VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller e.K.


Beyond Brushtalk: Sino-Japanese Literary Exchange in the Interwar Period

Christopher Keaveney, associate professor of Japanese, explores interactions between Japanese and Chinese writers during the golden age of such exchange, 1919 to 1937. Hong Kong University Press


Casino Accounting and Financial Management

Malcolm Greenlees, Glenn L. and Helen S. Jackson professor of business, provides a guide for the gaming industry. This second edition book addresses recent growth and changes in the casino industry, and incorporates new games and new technology. University of Nevada Press


Comprehensive School Health Education: Totally Awesome Teaching Strategies

Dawn Graff-Haight, professor of health education, edits this ancillary teacher's edition, which provides support materials to help utilize the textbook in the college classroom. McGraw Hill