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1/1/2009 Oregon Opportunity Grant Profile: Kevin Donato

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When he graduates in 2011, Kevin Donato will be the first in his family to receive a college degree.

Neither of his parents went to college, nor did they graduate high school, and he has seen that life can be more difficult without an education. A Linfield education would not have been possible without the Oregon Opportunity Grant and other scholarships that he was awarded.

“My mom is a single parent and I would have never been able to afford it,” the 20-year-old sophomore said.

Donato chose Linfield College because it was close to home and a small institution with small classes. Some of his greatest lessons have been personal – time management and self motivation are key and he has learned that responsibility comes with attending college.

“No one in college tells you to do your homework, he said. “You don’t have your mom asking if you have finished your homework. You have to motivate yourself to do it and to do the responsible thing.”

Donato, who is on the Linfield soccer team, is majoring in business with a Spanish minor. He is interested in designing athletic clothing, shoes and equipment as a career. He also dreams of one day owning his own company focused on sports, in addition to giving back to the soccer community.

“I would like to start a soccer academy for those who aren’t able to afford to play,” he said. “Playing soccer outside of school is pretty expensive, which I have experienced first hand playing soccer since I was six years old.”