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President - Amanda Brand

Amanda Brand

Like many of my classmates I took my pre-requisites for the Portland campus in McMinnville.  I am from Milwaukie OR, just over the Willamette River.  I am fortunate to have a huge family that is extremely supportive.  Without them I’m not sure I would be able to attend a school like Linfield.  I have always enjoyed being involved in a wide variety of activities, such as student government and sports.  In High School I was a year round athlete.  After school sports were where I put the majority of my energy.  The basketball court was my home away from home.  Once I got to college I chose to give up basketball competitively but I still enjoy playing for fun.  Like many nursing majors I was torn between nursing and teaching.  However, senior year my grandpa was diagnosed with severe heart disease.  Medicine saved his life and in that moment I knew nursing was where I belonged.

Email Amanda.

Vice-President - Emily Paysinger

Email Emily.

Secretary - Erica Wu

Hi Everyone! My name is Erica Wu and I spent two years at the McMinnville campus before I transferred to the nursing campus in Portland, city where I grew up. Besides being a busy nursing student, I also work as an office assistant in the Adult Degree Program, an intern at Kaiser, and a cast member at the Disney store. I enjoy volunteering at Randall’s Children’s Hospital’s NICU and I hope to work as a NICU nurse one day. As you can see from my picture, I love food! I enjoy cooking and baking when I can. Artwork is a fun and relaxing time for me. I am excited to be your 2014-2015 ASLC Secretary. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help. We have a very supportive community at Linfield and that’s what I love about the nursing campus. Let’s make this year a fun and memorable one! :)

Email Erica.

Vice President of Programming - Chelsie McConnville

Chelsie McConnville

Hey everyone! My name is Chelsie McConville and I am very excited to be the Vice President of Programming. I am from the small the small town of Sisters, Oregon where I fell in love with the outdoors. I spent two years on the McMinnville campus where I played basketball and found a passion for American Sign Language. Growing up in Central Oregon I dove head first into mountain biking, running and swimming which led to my love for triathlons. I am honored to be a part of ASLC-PC and look forward to what this year has to hold.

Email Chelsie.

Programming Chair (Health & Wellness) - Goretti Pham

The name is Pham, Goretti Pham! :) I am lucky enough to have spent the past 3 years at Oregon State University, the home of the ever persistent Beavers despite what the score board said (unless you're into baseball, we rocked at that). However, I am even luckier to have been accepted into Linfield's December 2015 cohort, everyone I have met so far is exceptionally wonderful! I am the Program Chair of Health and Wellness and am here to give you resources to keep your health in tip top shape! If you have any ideas, suggestions, or feedback please feel free to contact me and I will do what I can to make it happen. We have a wonderful team in place here at Linfield just to serve you :)

Email Goretti.

Programming Chair (Multicultural) - Madison Dinger

Email Madison.

Programming Chair (Communication) - Sierra Turner

My life is crazy busy with a lot of fun mixed in! As a mom to two very busy boys, ages 6 and 3 1/2, a wife, and a nursing student, my days (and nights) are packed, but I love every (ok, almost every) minute of it! Spending time with my family is really what I love to do most when I am not busy with school. Whether it is a day at the zoo or beach, or a long weekend at our family cabin in Eastern Oregon, we love to be outdoors and enjoying our time together. I am exited to be involved with ASLC-PC and I look forward to the fun we have in store for the Linfield Portland Campus!

Email Sierra.

Programming Chair (Special Events) - Emily Bacon

Hey Everyone! My name is Emily Bacon, and I am so excited to be ASLC-PC's Special Events Program Chair for this coming 2014-2015 school year. I am from Vancouver, WA and completed my nursing pre-requisites on the Mac campus before transferring to the Portland campus. Although I grew up in the city, I have always spent the majority of my time at my family's lake house where I fell in love with wakeboarding, four-wheeling, hiking, and pretty much doing anything outdoors. I hope to one day work in pediatrics and my dream job would be to work at Shriner's Hospital here in Portland after I graduate. I never in a million years thought I would have such a passion for nursing until my sister spent two weeks at Shriner's hospital for her two scoliosis surgeries three and a half years ago. Anyways, I am honored to be a part of ASLC-PC and excited for what this upcoming school year has in store for me!

Email Emily.

Programming Chair (Community Engagement) - Nicole Kachel

Greetings! I'm excited to be serving in this role, because who doesn't feel good after serving their community? Please contact me if there are projects you are interested in or if you want to know what's already on the calendar that you can sign up for. Stop me in passing, I love to chat. It doesn't have to be student government/service related. Everyone on ASLC is 100% here for YOU. A bit of background: My hometown is Albany, Oregon where I am the oldest of five amazing siblings. It is my first semester in Portland after transferring from the Mac campus. Chat me up about common interests! I have an outdoor adventure side which spends time hiking, camping, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, and activities of that nature. My homemaker side is totally into baking, cooking, quilting, and a bit of knitting. I love the sent lemon cleaning products... Anyway, I'm looking forward to finally training for my career (exhilarating and scary), and making the most of this position, as well as my time here at Linfield. Ready, set, lets go!

Email Nicole.

Club Director - Amelia Christy

Howdy, fellow nursing students! My name is Amelia Christy and I’m the club director for the 2014-2015 school year. I transferred up from the McMinnville campus where I participated in lacrosse and residence life.  Since moving to Portland, I have reverted back to my childhood hobbies of hiking, rock climbing and kayaking and seeing as I am from the Seattle area, it has been fun to explore some new places! I’m hoping that this year, I will be able to support the clubs and help facilitate some grand activities for everyone to enjoy.  If you have any questions about starting up a new club or clubs in general, please contact me and I’ll do my best to help you in any way that I can.  Hope to see you all around campus!

Email Amelia.

Committee Director -  Ana Gutierrez

Email Ana.

Class Senator: May 2015 (Fall 2013 Start) - Shelby Bailey

Hi All! I am so happy to represent the May 2015 cohort through ASLC. I'm from a small-ish town about three hours south of Portland, and spent a few years at a different university before finding my way to Linfield's nursing program. I love being involved in my community, and enjoy being an RA on campus, an OD leader, as well as a caregiver off campus. I've always known I would work in health care in some form, and it feels really good to have identified nursing as that dream career. Feel free to contact me/come up to me anytime...I'm all about it! Have a good semester!

Email Shelby.

Class Senator: December 2015 (Spring 2014 Start) - Ryan Lively

Ryan Lively

My name is Ryan Lively and I am enrolled in my first term at Linfield-Good Samaritan School of Nursing. I spent the first 14 of my 21 years living in central Oregon, and the latter in upstate New York. I attended Portland State University for two years after high-school, and until I gained acceptance to Linfield. I enjoy getting outside whenever possible, listening to records, reading, and going on road trips. I love road trips. My goal as a ASLC-PC officer is to assist the students of Linfield by letting their voice be heard by the college. I am excited to work with the students and staff of Linfield this upcoming term.

Email Ryan.

Class Senator: May 2016 (Fall 2014 Start) - Taylor Geertsen

Hey everyone! My name is Taylor Geertsen and I am so excited to represent the May 2016 cohort while being involved with ASLC-PC. I grew up in Milwaukie, Oregon my whole life where I was very involved with leadership, dance team, and track. I attended Linfield in McMinnville for my first two years of college, and now I am happy to be pursuing my dream of nursing. I am honored to be a part of the ASLC-PC team and I am so excited to see what this year has in store!

Email Taylor.

Class Senator: August 2015 (Summer 2014 Start) - Adam Hartlaub

Hello All! My name is Adam Hartlaub and I am part of the accelerated cohort at the Portland Campus. This is my second tenure at Linfield, as I graduated in 2008 with a BS in psychology.  After I graduated I spent a few years in law enforcement before deciding I wanted to go back to school and get involved in the nursing scene. I took my pre-requisites while working full time at a residential treatment home for the mentally ill. When I am not busy with school I stay busy watching sports and playing slow pitch softball. I am also in the midst of planning my wedding which will happen this Spring Break. Working with the ASLC-PC team has been a great experience so far. It’s been great to see the behind the scenes and realize how much hard work goes into making the college run.

Email Adam.

Class Senator: December 2016 (Spring 2015 Start) - Amy Buzan

Email Amy.

RN-BSN Senator - Currently Vacant

This position still needs to be filled.  Are you interested?  Let Assistant Director of Student Life Josh Merrick know.

Sustainability Director - Lexi Sayer

Lexi Sayer

My name is Lexi Sayer and I am a semester one student from Chugiak, Alaska. I transferred up from the McMinnville campus a year behind the rest of my class in order to study abroad and complete requirements for my anthropology major. I am glad to have finally made it up to the big city and am excited for the opportunity to become part of this vibrant campus community. Like any good North Westerner, I love spending as much of my time as possible in the beautiful outdoors. It is this love that motivates me in seeking sustainable solutions to everyday problems. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Becky this semester and am excited to jump into the many awesome projects she has in the works. In such a small, dynamic community, there is great potential for meaningful student contribution and cooperation. Let’s get busy making this campus an even greater, greener community space! Please contact either Becky or myself with any sustainability-related questions, feedback, or ideas. Have a wonderful semester!  

Email Lexi.