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Linfield College, Nursing and Health Sciences Student Event and Fundraising Registration

If you are planning a student event or fundraiser, please fill out this form as soon as possible. It will be forwarded to Student Services for approval, and you will receive an email confirmation of acceptance and room reservation. If you would like assistance with planning your event, feel free to visit Lisa Burch in her office on the 1st floor of Loveridge Hall or email her at

Note: All student clubs/organization/classes can host one event and one fundraiser per month. Please submit your event forms by the 5th day of each month. If after the 5th day of the month there is calendar availability, you may have more than one event or fundraiser.

Goals/Outcomes of event or fundraiser

Do you plan to serve food at your event or fundraiser?

Food Safety

The potential for food borne illness or disease is an important issue for all members of the Linfield community. For "potluck" meals, bake sales, or other food-serving events arranged by student clubs and organizations, food safety is the responsibility of the event organizers.

To ensure that proper food safety practices are implemented, the following guidelines must be followed at all events where food is served or sold:

  • 1. For each event, one person should be designated as having responsibility for safe handling of the food and ensure that these guidelines are followed.
  • 2. The event should be well planned for basic food sanitation needs such as: proper food handling containers, utensils, food warming or refrigeration concerns, hand washing facilities for food servers, trash containers, and immediate trash disposalafter the event.
  • 3. Understand what is in the food to be served to ensure that food is cooked or prepared properly and that any holding time before the food is served does not allow for the food to spoil. This is important for all cooked foods at room temperature. Most cooked foods at room temperature provide an excellent environment for bacteria to grow. In general, cold foods must be kept at or below 41° F while warm/hot food must be kept at or above 140° F, after being cooked to the proper internal temperature.
  • 4. Keep food covered when not serving and only use proper utensils in handling or serving food.
  • 5. If ice is to be used in contact with food, make sure the ice comes from a source designated for human consumption.

Although we assume that everyone preparing and serving food at events is aware of basic food safety, it is in the best interest of everyone that certain foods are paid special attention. The following items have the potential to be dangerous if prepared or served in an unsafe way:

  • a. Raw meats, poultry, and fish; pastries filled with cream or synthetic cream; custards, salads or sandwiches containing meats, poultry, eggs or fish.
  • b. Home prepared canned foods.
  • c. Outdated commercially prepared canned or packaged foods.