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Did you know...

  • ASLC-PC oversees a budget of more than $100,000.
  • ASLC-PC works with various clubs, is involved in committee work with faculty, and organizes many student events on campus.
  • ASLC-PC meetings are held weekly and open to any student to attend.  


Q: How do I become a part of ASLC-PC?

A: Elections for President and Vice President are held every Spring.  The application period for all other positions follows the election.  Keep an eye on your email and the online campus calendar for specific dates.

Q: Do I have to be a member of ASLC-PC to attend meetings?

A: No, ASLC-PC meetings are open to the public. However, prior to attending a meeting please contact the Vice President of ASLC-PC.

Q: How do I make a proposal to ASLC-PC, like if I want assistance for my club to sent students to a convention?

A: If you want support of student funds to help you with a project or club activity one must contact the Vice President on what meeting you would like to attend and present the proposal in SBAR format. SBAR explains the situation, background, action, and recommendations in a clear and easy to understand way (remember the more description the better in an SBAR).

Q: Where is the ASLC-PC office and when are members there?

A: The ASLC-PC office is located in the basement of Loveridge Hall across from the bookstore. On the office door a schedule will be posted telling you when each member will have their office hour. You will also find the email of every member in case there are no convenient office hours for you.