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Required Nursing Course Registration

How does registration work for required nursing courses?

The Registration Department completes all required nursing course registration for all admitted and active students though a schedule preference survey.  Students do not register for required nursing major courses through WebAdvisor.  Before each spring and fall term the Registration Department emails students a link to an online survey called, Survey Monkey, where students can rank their schedule preference.  Students are registered through a random lottery system using their preference surveys.  Students are not guaranteed their first choice.

Required courses are grouped together in section blocks for registrationgenerally grouped as: PA, PB, PC and PD.  Each course is registered at capacity and individual courses areorganized in blocks to fit precisely together, so that there are no conflicts for any nursing student.  Students that do not complete surveys or are accepted for admission off of the waitlist are assigned to remaining open course blocks.

If a student would like to change thier assigned course block once registration is complete, they must find another student in their cohort willing to switch their entire schedule.  This means all of the course sections they are currently registered for in a given term.  Due to FERPA restrictions, the Registration Department cannot assist students in finding another student to switch schedules.  The obligation is the student's to find someone to switch with them.  Switching deadlines are December 6 for the spring term, April 15 for summer term and June 18 for fall term.