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Switching Required Nursing Course Sections

How do I change or switch my required nursing course section block?

  • Changing core section blocks requires finding a student in another section block to trade with you.  Courses are generally registered at capacity, so this is the only way to change your schedule.
  • Students must change their entire course section block.  Changing just one course within your section block is not permitted.  Courses and clinical experiences are scheduled to fit precisely together. 
  • The Registration Department cannot help students in finding a trading partner.  FERPA restricts us from releasing student schedule information.  However, many students are successful using their cohort’s Facebook page to find a trading partner.
  • Students may switch sections up until June 18th for the fall term and December 6th for the spring term.  After this point, clinical assignment are finalized.
  • Both students must sign a Nursing Core Section Switch Form and return it to the Enrollment Services Office.