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Clinical Requirements and Evaluations

Health Passport Requirements

Health Passport Requirements are mandatory clinical requirements set by Linfield-Good Samaritan School of Nursing and clinical affiliates. All students and clinical faculty are responsible for satisfying and maintaining compliance to Health Passport Requirements prior to the start of each semester and throughout the semester. 

Spring 2015

The Health Passport is a document printed off from Certified Profile--- 

  • Log in to your profile account as described on the above requirements sheet for your specific class or program.
  • Go to Document Center> My Documents> Clinical Requirements
  • Download and print out the document titled, Results_XXXXX.pdf (the X's are numbers).
  • Present this to your clinical instructor for his/her review and signature/date.
  • The passport must show Compliant to attend lab and clinical, and it must be accessible at all times whenever the student or faculty is in a clinical facility.
  • The passport also indicates when the next action is due, located just above the beginning of the list of requirements in the middle of the first page.

Site-Specific Requirements

Clinical site-specific requirements are variable clinical requirements set by a clinical facility; these additional requirements must be completed prior to the start of a clinical experience. Some clinical sites require completion of requirements several weeks in advance, so students are advised to watch for emails during school breaks to avoid delays in starting clinical experiences. 

Students must submit clinical site-specific requirement documents to their clinical faculty or according to the IEL Coordinator instructions. Prior to the first day of the clinical experience, clinical faculty will sign-off on students' Health Passports attesting that all clinical requirements (Health Passport and Site-Specific) have been satisfied.  

NOTE: the required drug screen for all sites is satisfied through our approved vendor, Certified Background. You do not need a second drug screen.

Incoming Students: please be aware that you will not have clinical site-specific requirements in the first integrated experiential learning (IEL) semester.